Flap Barrier (CQL-FB-400)

This flap barrier is designed and manufactured by ELID International. This unique pedestrian barrier installed in conjunction with any control system provides valuable assistance to security personnel at any monitored entrance. This flap barrier combine features like high throughput rate, user acceptance, comfort, attractive design and different levels of security to prevent unauthorized access pedestrian safety have also been taken into account.

Product Code: CQL-FB-400

  • Elegant style, stainless steel cabinet, advanced system of detection and tracking sensors
  • Finished in brushed AISI 304 stainless steel and acrylic arms
  • Hieroglyphic symbols to inform authorization permission and access situation
  • Detection logic and alarming
  • Failsafe security barrier
  • User safety
  • Customized finish; alternative colors and materials for arms top cover
Electrical power supply  AC 220V/110V
 Frequency  50hz/60Hz
 Motor  24V/30W
 Symbols  4
 Pass way  Bi-direction
 Open signal input  dry connect, TTL or 5V impulse
 Control logic  PLC
 Torque limiter electronic
 Driving mechanism  crankshaft-rod device for smooth operation with fast and progressive movements
 Automatic open device in case of power failure
 Opening time  1 second
 Operating temperature  -10°C to 60°C
 Weight Single lane 110kg
Double lane (Intermediate) 150kg