Gateway Control Unit

The control unit enables extending the energy saver’s functions:

  • Allows to know the room status from the reception PC
  • It works as manager of the communications of each hotel floor and makes the flow of data among energy and reception PC quicker




Description Multibox motion sensor
Reference SVMxlxS
Power CR123A 3V battery
Battery Life 3 years (average consumption 40 uA, maximum 20mA)
Communications coverage 10m (Maximum distance to the energy saver)
Angle and detection distance Horizontal angle: 95°, Vertical angle: 20°, Maximum distance: 5m
Interface Blue LED
Operating Temperature -10° to 50°
Technology Infrared passive detector, fresnel lense
Thermostat Precision ±1°C (-10° to 50°)
Humidity Precision Humidity sensor embedded, precision 0 to 100% relative humidity 5%
Dimensions 80mm x 80mm x 16.5mm (without accessory) / 80mm x 80mm x 34.7mm (with accessory)
Weight 75g




  • Wireless Communication with the Energy Saver: It receives the room status from the energy savers and sends the information to the iView software.

  • Communication Hub: It works as a link between the energy savers and the iVIEW software

  • Gateway per floor

  • Max. Elements: Up to 50 energy savers and 19 sensors per energy saver