Gateway Control Unit

The control unit enables extending the energy saver’s functions:

  • Allows to know the room status from the reception PC
  • It works as manager of the communications of each hotel floor and makes the flow of data among energy and reception PC quicker


Description Control unit for the iSwitch online
Reference PLCxH3x2
Power Supply A certified switching mode power supply. VIN: 85-264 VAC-47-440Hz VOUT: 5VDC/4W
Consumption 5W
Output Relay 5VDC (4W)
LED Colour 10m (Distance to the energy saver)
Memory EEPROMM external storage memory of 32kb
Display LCD, alphanumeric of 16 characters x 2 lines
Keyboard 4 key matrix attached to the box to configure functions
Communication Interface MODBEE (IEEE802.15.4) and ethernet
Joystick In the PCB to configure options.
Dimension 208mm (height) 158mm (width) x 83.50mm (depth)
Weight 660g