EL702QR QR Code Reader



    The use of QR code technology enables contactless and quick access without worrying about long queues and long waiting time. Employees can use their own smartphones for easy access. Customers, on the other hand, can have access through the generated QR code on their receipts.


    CTAS is a standalone system for fast deployment. No network and integration to POS are needed.

    CTAS provides highly customizable firmware to match the QR code data format from the POS. Convenient configuration via web-based menu and Wi-Fi connectivity.



    CTAS time restriction can increase business profit by managing overstaying customers. If the customers want to stay in the business premises longer, they will be prompted to purchase goods or services which will result in higher sales and revenues.


    The limited toilet usage and access can ease the management of supplies and fixtures. Businesses can control excessive use of supplies like toilet papers, hand soaps, alcohol, and can even prolong restroom fixtures, thus minimizing maintenance costs.


    CTAS minimizes the risk of virus transmission and prevention of disease not only through contactless access but through limited restroom usage. It eliminates unnecessary physical contact, especially in communal places.