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Smart Gates: The Function of Turnstile Systems in the Philippines

Have you ever wondered why you have to scan your concert ticket before a turnstile system in the Philippines lets you into the venue? Or how a smart card scanner allows you to enter and catch your train? What about how a condominium makes use of an automated card reader to control who is allowed to enter their premises?

The function of a turnstile system in the Philippines is to ensure absolute security. Trusted manufacturers of security access controls such as ELID Technology International Inc. have designed this system to effectively combine access and entrance control. A turnstile is a smart gate system that utilizes a card reader with an automated gate to control who and how many people may enter a venue at a time. This is incredibly useful to safely control the entrance of a large crowd of people into one location.

A turnstile system in the Philippines has a number of unique properties that have become possible due to its evolution throughout the years. Nowadays, turnstile systems can be seen in various industries to keep enterprises safe. Interested in further learning about turnstile systems? Read on to learn more about smart gates and their uses.

Access and Entrance Control: Turnstile Systems as Absolute Security

building with turnstile system

Turnstile systems in the Philippines made by trusted manufacturers such as ELID Technology International Inc. can provide absolute security due to its access and entrance control. Access control refers to the verification process of authorized personnel through credentials such as a key card, PIN number, or even through biometrics. The problem with this kind of smart gate system is that another person could potentially enter right after the authorized person scans their card. This is where entrance control comes in.

Entrance control is what enforces the decision to let the person scanning their authorization medium in. Some types of entrance control, such as an optical turnstile, have no physical barrier to prevent unauthorized people from entering. Instead, an alarm will be activated and a video recording will be captured of an unauthorized person entering the premises. Security personnel can then act quickly and prevent the person from going any further. The problem with this is that if security does not act fast enough, the person could enter and disappear into a crowd of people.

The ideal security system is a combination of access and entrance control, such as waist-high turnstile systems. If the person is authenticated through their credentials, then the turnstile will turn only once — enough to let just one person in before locking in place again. If the person is not permitted to enter, the turnstile will refuse to turn and may even set off an alarm to alert security personnel in the area. This can physically block unauthorized people from entering the venue.

Turnstile systems are highly utilized for this one-of-a-kind property and can be seen in event areas, amusement parks, or public transportation terminals.

Common Uses of Turnstile Systems

Turnstile systems behind steel grate

Similar to hotel lock systems in the Philippines, security is paramount, but there are other beneficial properties of turnstile systems. In the Philippines, numerous businesses reap the advantages of these systems. This could help the overall efficiency of the business as well as keep note of how well it is attracting its target market. These types can be availed at trusted manufacturers of security access controls such as ELID Technology International Inc. Here is a list of some of the common uses of turnstile systems.


There are certain kinds of turnstiles specially designed for high-risk and high-security places. These are called Roto-Gate or full height turnstile systems and they are virtually impenetrable due to their floor-to-ceiling security design. High-profile governments and facilities make use of these to ensure the safety of lawmakers and military personnel found within the area.

Another common use for full height turnstile systems is for event areas. The Philippine Stadium has a Roto-Gate installed in order to safely control fans on the day of the concert. The secure design prevents anyone from climbing over the barrier or sneaking inside the venue. The authorization system can also help keep track of how many people have entered the venue in order to prevent the area from overcrowding.

Attendance Counting

Going to overcapacity in a venue is dangerous due to the possible risks that could happen. There should be enough room for people to calmly exit the premises if an emergency does occur. This is the importance of attendance counting in amusement parks. Some parks only allow one entrance per swipe, which helps control the number of people enjoying the rides and activities inside.

In the Philippines, visitor management systems paired with the use of turnstiles help track the peak traffic times of sports auditoriums and other venues. These vital pieces of information can help businesses spot patterns of low population in order to come up with different ways to improve traffic flow during these instances. During closing time, these systems can inform the personnel if there are still people within the facilities or not.

Turnstile systems can be enhanced to include other properties besides identification and authorization. Payment systems can now be installed into smart gates for more efficient transactions.

Payment System

Public Transportation Terminals makes use of reloadable smart cards for turnstile systems to prevent the buildup of long lines during peak hours. Riders simply need to ensure that there is enough load in the card to pay for the payment per swipe. The development of these cards has greatly helped increase the speed of entrance into terminals while still maintaining the established security control.

Wondering how turnstile systems could have evolved to be utilized in a number of ways? Read on to learn about how turnstile systems were popularized.

The Creation of Turnstile Systems

metal turnstile systems

Like energy management systems in the Philippines and most of today’s technology, the origin of the turnstile system comes from a humble background. In the early days of England, farmers were having a difficult time traversing through fields while keeping cattle out. The herd would follow the farmer through the gate, which had disastrous consequences for the crops found within it. One farmer thought of a solution: two stone steps up one fence and two stone steps down another. This invention was named the Stile.

After some time, the Stile was proving too difficult to go up and down every day. And so, another farmer developed an alternative solution: they placed a post in the ground with a wooden cross on top of it. A long spike was attached to the center of the post which allowed it to turn. This invention was named the Turnstile. Farmers can now traverse one field to another without being followed by any cattle.

The integration of turnstile systems into popular society was spearheaded by an American named Clarence Saunders. He is credited as the first to install a turnstile system into a shop business. Saunders owned a self-service supermarket franchise in Memphis, Tennessee called Piggly Wiggly Store. Since the concept of self-service was relatively unknown back then, there was a surge of customers that constantly came into his store. In order to control mass hysteria, Saunders installed turnstile systems. The security control technique quickly caught on as a useful way to control crowds in one space. Soon, turnstile systems could be seen in buses, amusement parks, and sporting auditoriums.

In the Philippines, professional manufacturers of security access control such as ELID Technology International Inc. provide high-quality protection to numerous businesses. Makes you wonder, how exactly can turnstile systems control a large crowd?

How Turnstile Systems Function

glass building

Turnstile systems function as a mechanical gate that only allows one person to enter at a time. It is made of revolving horizontal parts fixed on to a vertical metal pole. Ratchet mechanisms are used to allow the stiles to rotate in only one direction. This means that businesses will need one turnstile system to enter the premises and another separate one to exit the premises.

Smart systems are installed in order to set up the authorization codes. These can be in the form of numerical pins, smart cards, or biometrics such as finger scans. Security can keep an eye on the turnstile through the computer connected to it via a relay. After the code is scanned, a pulse enters the computer through the relay, communicating the person’s identification details. After authorization, only then will the turnstiles turn to let the person in. Depending on the security needs of the area, they could choose to install either waist high, optical, or Roto-Gate turnstile systems.

Types of Turnstiles

Black and white photo of people using the escalator

To identify the right type of turnstile system in the Philippines to use for your business, there are multiple factors that you have to take into consideration. One is if you will be keeping the system indoors or outdoors. Other factors to take into consideration include the budget and the level of security the business requires. Here are the three primary categories of turnstile systems in the Philippines.

Waist High Turnstiles

Waist high turnstiles are a tripod barrier arm designed at waist height. The arm rotates to allow or not allow entry. These are economical and can be used for both indoor and outdoor use. The materials used to create this type are durable and can last for decades even under constant use.

Waist high turnstiles are used for locations that often encounter large groups of people, such as stadiums and theme parks. They can also be used to secure entrances used for employees and visitor management. One disadvantage of this turnstile is that persons with disabilities will need a special gate to go through, which will need a smart card scan from security personnel.

Optical Turnstiles

Optical turnstiles make use of sensors and lasers to track a person going through a turnstile. Similar to other types, a smart card must be used in order to enter through it. It is made for more passive security protocols where a guard is always keeping watch beside the gate.

Unlike other forms of turnstiles, these usually have no barriers. The gate activates when a person approaches it and scans their identification cards while they enter. However, for more high-security uses, motorized barriers may be installed to let people in or out one at a time. The disadvantages of this type is that it is more costly and it provides a lower security level.

Roto-Gate Turnstiles

Full Height Turnstiles are also called Roto-Gate Turnstiles. These are the ones previously discussed that are specially designed to reach the floor until the ceiling. It is made of rotating barriers that function similarly to a revolving door. These can usually either be just one unit or two units combined. It is also extremely durable and can be placed outdoors as it can withstand extreme weather.

This is the ideal type for businesses that require a significant amount of security. This includes military bases, energy facilities, and manufacturing companies. Similar to waist height turnstiles, this type requires a special gate for persons with disabilities to go through.

Turnstiles can offer a number of advantages that can easily fit into security protocols of various industries.

Advantages of Turnstiles

Black and white timelapse photo of people crossing the street

Turnstile systems in the Philippines are used to improve security protocols in any given business. There are a number of types to choose from as well as various ways to optimize the system to better fit the needs of the enterprise. Here are some examples of the advantages of using turnstile systems.

Absolute Control Over Security

Turnstile systems will provide you with absolute control over your security. Not only will you be able to dictate what kind of authorization is needed to allow people to enter the premises, but you can also dictate up to what capacity is allowed at a time. This will be incredibly useful in terms of keeping out people who should not be allowed to enter the buildings, improving the overall safety of your employees inside.

Access Control for Authorization

A turnstile system can also serve as an automated crowd control. Large groups of people can prove to be extremely difficult to process quickly. Turnstile systems can help speed up the process while guaranteeing the safety of the people inside. The barriers prove to be a useful deterrent to unauthorized individuals.


Turnstile systems are flexible enough to be customized to fit your preferences. Each industry will have different reasons to avail of an automated smart gate system. The process of authorization can also be specifically chosen by the business owner to either be through a smart card, biometrics, or through a numerical password.

These are just some reasons to avail of turnstile systems from manufacturers of security access control.

Other Types of Smart Gates and Visitor Management Systems From ELID

Speed Gate Turnstile

Aside from turnstiles, ELID offers a number of smart gates and visitor management systems that are designed to direct flow of individuals and manage security. Below are some of the most common types.

ELID’s Visitor Management System

Scores of visitors pass through your building every day, which is why having a visitor management system like ELID’s is essential. With our solution, you will gain the ability to screen, track, and manage the flow of people in and out of your property. You can even scale your security parameters to suit the specific requirements of your facility. You can take into account schedules, events, and other special considerations and program them into your system.

Additionally, our Visitor Management System is compatible with each of our Smart Gate products. They work together seamlessly to create a highly customizable system for any building. ELID’s solutions are particularly useful in the new normal, where contactless management helps protect employees, residents, and visitors alike.

Flap Barrier Gate

One version of our Smart Gates is the Flap Barrier Gate. ELID designed this gate with the golden ratio in mind, which makes the entry point comfortably wide for any user without being too bulky. Additionally, our gate is coated with wood-grain transfer paint technology, which creates a pleasing wood-like appearance. As a result, this Smart Gate exudes an artistic atmosphere for your entryways.

Aside from its aesthetic value, the Flap Barrier Gate is also a highly secure option. It supports many reading options, such as biometrics, RFID readers, face recognition readers, and even QR code scanners. Additionally, it provides programmable code for secondary developments to be integrated into your reading systems.

The Flap Barrier Gate also has additional security features such as infrared sensors and smart alarms during emergencies. They automatically open when there is a power failure, which could happen in cases of earthquakes, storms, or fires. They also automatically close during ‘time-out,’ meaning if someone accidentally leaves them open after-hours, your building will remain secure.

Speed Gate Turnstile

The Speed Gate Turnstile is a high-quality security system that offers a DC brushless servo motor configured using advanced control systems. With these measures, it achieves precise control, stable performance, and little need for maintenance.

Based on German technology, it uses a lossless mechanism structure that ensures a long product lifespan. Its complex detection technology can capture even the slightest behaviors that threaten passageway safety, such as reserve passing, tail-gating, and other actions.

This turnstile also features a speedy opening and closing mechanism, a slim body, and a transparent swing barrier. Like the Flap Barrier Gate, it automatically opens during a power failure. It also automatically closes on ‘time-out.’ It can also fully integrate with infrared sensors and intelligent alarms. When you implement this gate, you ensure that your employees, visitors, and residents have a more pleasant experience.

Full-Height Turnstile

This product is an upgraded version of the typical tripod turnstile model. It has a 120° tripod arm and a 90° cross arm that can be applied depending on the situation. It also has a full height of 2.3 meters, a full cover on top, and guardrails on both sides of the revolving door.

This full-coverage design effectively prevents security threats like trailing, gate-jumping, spanning, and other intrusions from occurring. The Full-Height Turnstile is a highly secure gate and is suitable for places with higher requirements (such as financial institutions).

Additional security measures include an adjustable direction (one-way or a two-way pass), a free passage in emergencies, LED indicators for passage status, and integration for alarms, infrared scanners, and many more.

Slim Lanes Series

The Slim Lanes Series offers dynamic, unerring security for its users. Slim Lanes are encased in a sleek and elegant design. It has a minimal footprint while still being comfortable for your visitors, and has discrete and ergonomically placed readers on its body. This modular product can also be installed in single or multi-lane arrays, making it perfect for modern buildings:

  • Offices
  • Retail spaces
  • Universities
  • Other commercial buildings

Aside from its high-class design, the Slim Lane Series also has sophisticated security technology. It offers bidirectional throughput, user tracking, high processing capacities, and a threat detection system. These features guarantee that any unauthorized persons will not be able to access your building through this barrier.

In addition to these measures, it also contains embedded software interfaces that provide quick monitoring and configuring capabilities. It also has TCP/IP communication which ensures speedy and accurate communication between your ELID Visitor Management System and the Smart Gate. Lastly, it complies with safety protocols, prevents finger entrapments, automatically opens during fires and earthquakes, as well as, other measures that ensure the safety of all users.

Be in Absolute Control with ELID Technology International Inc.

Turnstile systems in the Philippines will provide you with absolute security. Unauthorized persons will be physically barred from entering the premises, while those with the right authorization will be able to enter quickly. No matter which type you choose, your business will be secured with these smart gate systems.

Choose to avail the highest quality turnstile system in the Philippines through trusted manufacturers of security access controls such as ELID Technology International Inc.



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