ENKOA Software

    iSwitch Energy Savings

    The smartest saving

    The system allows optimizing energy consumption at hotels and makes room management easier.

    • Energy Saving
      • Avoids unnecessary energy consumption when the guest is out (E.g. air conditioning consumption in an empty room)
    • Intelligent
      • Only works with the valid card for each installation.
    • Comfort
      • Once the card is removed, courtesy time follows before the energy is cut off. Automatic temperature adjustment possible.

    iView Software


    • Free or occupied room: by a guest or employee.
    • If the room has been made-up for the new guest.
    • Average time per employee per room.
    • Employee management: know if DND or MUR has been selected.
    • Minibar status: if it has been opened or not, just once.
    • Room temperature, if there is a motion sensor.
    • Maintenance: low battery indication.
    • Reports if the failure has been fixed.