Waist-height Turnstile (CQL-WT-100)

Waist-height turnstile is a controlling device which is designed to manage the access control and passenger flow. It is widely used is a gymnasium, tourist attractions, business buildings and so on, and is normally installed in the supervision area. It can satisfy different controlling requirements, and can also connect with control devices such as card readers, ticket dispensers, etc.

Product Code: CQL-WT-100

  • Remote control
  • Anti-panic design
  • Counting function
  • Anti-trailing design
  • Internal mechanical
  • Heating system for increase
Power supply  Single phase 220V, 50Hz
 Control Circuit 24V DC
 Passing Method  Bi-directional
 Speed  25 people/min (Normal)
 Service Time  More than five million times
 Shock Resistance  More than 100 KG
 Shock Absorber  Hydraulic Pressure
 Input Signal  Dry contact, TTL, or pulse signal which width more than 100ms
 Humidity ≤ 95%
 Symple  4
 Reader windows  2
 Temperature -20°C to +55°C
 Weight 96kg
 Protection IP55
 Environment Inside, outside (awning)