Swing Gate Turnstile (CQL-SB-600H)

The CQL-SB-600H Swing Gate Turnstile is designed to control pedestrians entering or exiting restricted areas, usually under surveillance in low-security situations. The CQL-SB-600H is designed for high pedestrian traffic flow in both directions.

Product Code: CQL-SB-600H

  • Widely used in Commercial Buildings, Airports, Metro Stations, Libraries, Factories, Exhibition Centers, Gyms, and Government Institutions
  • Anti-Tail Gaiting feature built in to prevent unauthorized entry
  • Fast opening and closing time
  • Built-in mechanical lock to prevent forced opening of swing flaps
  • Fail-safe design ensures that the swing flaps retract back into the housing to allow unblocked access in the event of a power failure
  • Active infra-red beams are located in the housing passage to detect personnel or objects crossing the flap barrier to prevent the flaps from causing injury or damage
  • Long service life with low operational cost
MTBF  3.5 million cycles
 Dimensions 1600mm (L) * 200mm (W) * 1025mm (H)
 Passage width  900 mm
 Operational speed  40-60 people/per minute