• e.vis-b


    • Automatic log-in of visitor information within seconds through the MyKAD reader.
    • Incorporated with touch screen monitor to key-in the information  via the virtual keyboard
    • Incorporated with a web-camera to capture a visitor’s image and business card
    • Visitor card can be assigned within seconds
    • Control visitor’s accessibility through an assigned visitor card
    • Real-time visitor information
    • Provides comprehensive reports
  • E.Win Controller


    • Central access and alarm monitoring and setting
    • Real-time activity monitoring
    • Generate transaction reports
    • User access right and audit trail report – system security
    • Area trace – security checking
    • Built-in time attendance software
    • Access and view the system anywhere (Web View Module)
    • Email alert (Email Module)
    • Support dial-up and leased line modems (Modem Module)
  • EFD32

    • Communication: 2 wires RS485 Interface (Data+, Data-)
    • Protocol: Peer-to-peer collison detection protocol (E-BUS)
    • Max. doors supported: 2 doors (each with IN and OUT reader)
    • Modes of operations: Card, PIN & Card + PIN
    • Standalone Operation : No
    • Type of reader supported: Barcode, Magnetic, Proximity, Smart Cards, Biometrics, Touch Memory
    • Max. readers supported: 4 (2IN and 2 OUT)
    • Onboard Inputs / Outputs : 4 Inputs, 2 Output
    • EA8 I/O capacity: 2x EA8 units (4 dedicated door outputs, 2 inputs and 2 outputs per EA8)
  • EFD80

    • Onboard supervised inputs: 16 Input Points
    • Onboard relay outputs: 8 Output Points
    • Output Expansion Capacity: 24 Outputs Points
    • Built-in Tamper Detection: Yes
    • Operating Temperature: Yes
  • EH480

    • The EH480 provides 8 programming zones, and can be expanded up to 32 zones.
    • Caters up to 1,000 triggered memories
    • Backlit graphical LCD display and 4×4 matrix membrane keypad
    • Support 8 arming keypads
    • Support web browser without addition hardware module
    • Live view access through mobile device software (Apps)
    • Operation Mode: Arming Keypad (PIN/Card) or Web Server
    • Support SMS alert without addition GSM module
    • Provides 6 arming modes and 3 emergency buttons
    • Provides automatic timer to arm/disarm the system
    • Provides event log file to record user activities
    • Firmware can be updated in-circuit, through LAN from the PC
  • EK72X

    • Microprocessor: 8-bit 40MHz MCU
    • Communication Interface: RS485 or Wiegand
    • Reading Range: 3cm to 8cm
    • Transmit Frequency:125Khz (EM), 13.56MHz (Mifare)
    • Mode of Operation: Card
    • Output Format: Wiegand 26/40-bit
    • Indicator: LED and buzzer
    • Current Consumption: 80mA
    • Operating Temperature: 0° C to 60° C
    • Colour: Black
    • Operating Voltage: 5 VDC/12 VDC
    • Protection: Surge protection, Water proof
    • Dimensions: 85(H)x45(W)x15(D) mm
  • EK9Z

    • Support time recording with lateness reasoning
    • Reader display user name when capturing user transaction
    • Up to 7 different card formats
    • RS485 connectivity
    • Support remote relay for output for anti-tampering
  • EL5000

  • EL5030

    • Configurable to work on 3 or 5 or 8 access portals
    • Large database of 15,000 card users and 25,000 offline transactions
    • Card database upgradable to an astonishing 300,000 card users
    • Reader support: Magnetic, Bar Code, EM/HID Proximity, Mifare, Biometric Devices
    • 32-bit-low-power and high performance microprocessor
    • Peer-to-peer communication with other EL 5000 series controller for data sharing intelligence
    • Multi-function; Standard Access Mode/Car-Park control/Time clocking –Late reasoning mode
    • Enhanced Anti-passback capabilities ( Hard/Soft/Alarm)
    • Support an expansion slot for future-proof requirements
    • 40 holidays set; 99 timezones with 99 timers with 4 time intervals
    • Built in tamper alarm, battery low, AC fail
  • Energy Saving Switch

    Lots of energy is wasted every day. It’s urgent and beneficial to our offsprings to save energy and improve the efficiency of using energy.
    It has been an ongoing dilemma for the world to contently be told to save its energy, and to stop wasting what has been provided to us, however the world just keeps wasting what is left of the energy source.
    The Energy Controlled Unit known as the ECU, is as small and light weight as a light switch on the wall.
    It is designed to cut off electric energy supply for some or all of the electrical outlets within a room or particular area so when this area is not being utilized, it helps save power and use less power.
    This unit can be installed within a group of rooms, and out door living area, or a normal home or office space.
    When your card is inserted into the ECU, it automatically starts up the power in the room, or which ever power source it is connected to. And when the card holder draws out card while leaving the room, power is cut off immediately.It is already welcomed by hotels and office which make use of this unit as it is cost effective, and does not take up much space at all. As you keep your card in the unit, when you leave the room, the card is easy to find.
    Xeeder Energy Controlled Unit is integrated in Xeeder Hotel Lock System™(Networked) which is a whole solution of hotel’s locking.For the hotel owner, the ECU gives possibility that control the using of room’s electrics. It limits the card holders, also assists in the saving of energy. The Enhanced model (S2308/S2508) are smarter than normal product.They have the ability to identify a keycard in different rooms and the using valid time which comes from Xeeder Hotel Lock System™.

    Energy Saving switch is a device that helps hotelier saving the power of guestrooms. The guest use the same card as the one unlocking the door, to gain the electric power of the room.

    There are 3 types energy saving switch in Xeeder product.

  • ER502

    • RS 485 connectivity
    • Enhanced baud rate of 57600bps
    • Support up to 7 different card format
    • Customer Code support for higher security
    • 10 Off Line supervisory cards
  • ER505

    • RS 485 connectivity
    • Support up to 7 different card format
    • Customer Code support for higher security
    • 10 Off Line supervisory card
  • ER828

    • Reading range: up to 5 cm
    • Power consumption: 12V / 150 mA
    • Output format: Wiegand 26-bit/ Free Wiegand
    • Dimensions: 85(H)x45(W)x15(D) mm
    • Environmental Rating: IP67, sealed in resin
  • ER928

    • Reading range: up to 5 cm
    • Power consumption: 12V / 150 mA
    • Output format: Wiegand 26-bit/ Free Wiegand
    • Dimensions: 110(H)x44(W)x35(D) mm
    • Environmental Rating: IP67, sealed in resin
  • ER929

    The ER929’s unique features are perfectly suited for car park barrier access applications thanks to the extended reading range of up to 5 meters for both smartphones or long range Active Tags. In addition, ER929’s reading capabilities are not affected by vehicle tinting films. This ultimately benefits the user, who will save time by eliminating the need to wind down their windows, particularly during wet weather.
    The ER929 is both powerful and flexible featuring 3 reading technologies and support for 4 types of reading devices: Smartphone, long range Active Tag, MIFARE smart card and EM proximity card.
    The ER929 integrates seamlessly with all ELID hardware and also 3rd party controllers with standard WIEGAND outputs.
  • ERH23L

    • Reading range: up to 5 cm
    • Power consumption: 5V / 50 mA
    • Output format: Wiegand
    • Dimensions: 120(H)x44(W)x20(D) mm
    • Environmental Rating: IP67, sealed in resin