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Energy Savings Management System Philippines: Maximizing Through Saving

While energy is a resource that provides power for businesses and industries to operate regularly, this is also a finite resource that requires proper management and distribution to maximize its ability. This makes energy management systems in the Philippines an important technology to have, as it ensures that your energy is properly distributed to the necessary facilities. Energy may be a widespread resource, but power shortages remain a glaring issue, as energy supplies can be limited, along with these supplies being mismanaged, which can lead to poor distribution.

Energy is one of the world’s most valuable resources. With oil, fuel, and electricity powering up most of the world, these resources have played a crucial role in the development of modern society and industry to the juggernaut that it has become today. With billions upon billions of dollars invested in acquiring and providing energy, it has also become its own industry, ensuring that businesses and homes across the world are powered constantly.

Having a system that can manage your power supply accordingly is crucial for any business or industry, and having a quality energy savings management system would be able to not only address your power needs but also ensure that you would be able to distribute energy more efficiently and allow you to maximize and save your power.

Understanding Energy Management

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Energy management is the best way to track and monitor energy consumption, with the goal of properly distributing power throughout different facilities. This allows businesses and industries to be able to save more energy and reduce overall consumption by a significant amount. Energy mismanagement has become one of the biggest problems in numerous industries, as huge amounts of power have been improperly distributed without the ability to monitor and redistribute it. Mismanaging power distribution can negatively impact industries and economies, as they can waste billions of pesos and dollars spending on excessive amounts of energy, thus hurting the overall economy.

Essentials of Energy Savings

Energy savings management systems in a plant

By using energy management, your business or industry would be able to avoid all of these problems and come up with the best solutions that allow you to save and maximize the energy that you are using. While implementing energy management systems provides the best energy solutions, it is also important to observe proper energy-saving practices that would help in further aiding your business and industry in conserving energy. Here are some essential energy-saving practices that should be observed in order to distribute and manage your energy wisely.

The use of renewable energy – With various energy sources running on finite supplies, the introduction of renewable energy sources helped solve the power problem in a number of developed countries. Popular forms of renewable energy include solar panels, windmills, and hydroelectric dams. These renewable power sources help provide additional power reserves that can be used during times of power shortages, along with lessening the overall cost of power consumption.

Energy-efficient lights and appliances – Due to the rising power demands around the world, numerous companies have developed more energy-efficient appliances and materials in order to maximize and save energy. Replacing your lighting with energy-efficient bulbs will not only help you save power but also provide you with a longer-lasting light source. On the other hand, power saving appliances also help accomplish the same power-efficient approach, ensuring that you are not consuming excess amounts during regular use.

Proper cooling and heating systems – Along with investing in energy savings management systems from the Philippines, it is also important to install cooling and heating systems that enable you to manage the temperature around the premises. Some machines and devices consume more power at higher temperatures, which makes balancing out temperature levels a good power saving approach that also helps reduce regular consumption. Along with providing comfort for people present on the premises, cooling and heating facilities allow you to ensure your devices are running efficiently.

Embrancy an Energy-efficient mindset – While having the right systems and tools will allow you to save a huge amount of energy, having a business and office that embraces a culture that promotes saving energy will maximize it even further. Observing practices that promote energy saving, such as turning off devices that are not in use, and proper planning and use of facilities will only help in proper energy management. Having an energy-efficient mindset ensures that every member of your business and industry follow the same goal of saving energy.

Importance of Saving Energy

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As previously stated, energy is a finite resource with supplies that need to be managed accordingly by the world’s biggest industries. With countries, companies, cities, and homes around the world depending on different kinds of energy, implementing the right steps and policies to save and maximize energy will only help address their needs.

Along with providing more energy supplies in reserve, saving energy also provides a number of environmental benefits as well. Using energy more efficiently reduces the amount of waste produced, which in turn lessens pollution by a significant amount. Energy waste has been one of the primary contributing factors to climate change, as they can be one of the most potent pollutants when not managed or disposed of properly. While there have been numerous laws and policies regarding the proper disposal of waste and the use of more efficient energy sources, proper energy management begins by implementing the necessary systems.

Saving your Power using Energy Savings Management Systems

With the rising demand for energy supplies across growing businesses and industries, it is important to equip your premises with the proper energy savings management systems from the Philippines in order to save and maximize your power consumption and savings. An energy savings management system allows you to be able to control and manage various devices within your premises.

This provides you with a platform that can automatically turn devices, fixtures, and appliances on and off with just a push of a button, thus helping you save more power. This efficient solution has helped numerous buildings and industries manage their energy consumption, allowing them to save more energy overall.

Types of Energy Savings Management Systems Offered by ELID

At ELID, we pride ourselves on providing a diverse selection of energy savings management systems in the Philippines. Our cutting-edge solutions are specifically designed to empower businesses in optimizing their energy consumption and minimizing costs. 

We deliver powerful and innovative systems that enable companies to achieve remarkable levels of energy efficiency and sustainability with our deep industry knowledge and expertise. From smart energy monitoring to advanced control systems, our offerings are tailored to meet the unique needs of businesses across various industries. Discover the transformative potential of our energy savings management systems in the Philippines and unlock substantial benefits for your organization.

iView Software

ELID’s iView software is a powerful energy savings management system specifically designed for hotel energy savings management in the Philippines. It offers continuous monitoring of each room equipped with energy savers, providing real-time status updates. These updates are wirelessly transmitted to a desktop PC through gateways connected to the Ethernet network.

With the iView software, you can effortlessly determine:

  • Room occupancy status, whether it is free or occupied by a guest or employee.
  • Room readiness, indicating if it has been made up for the next visitor or guest.
  • Room cleanliness, confirming if it has been cleaned by an employee.
  • Guest preferences, such as selecting “do not disturb” or “makeup room” options.
  • Temperature and motion sensing to ensure optimal room conditions.
  • Battery status of the energy-saving devices.
  • Resolution status of reported issues, ensuring prompt response and resolution.

ELID’s iView software provides hotels with comprehensive control and visibility over their energy management, promoting efficiency, guest satisfaction, and sustainability.

iSwitch Energy Savings

ELID’s iSwitch Energy Savings is a trusted energy savings management system in the Philippines, specifically designed to help hotels reduce energy consumption and promote sustainability. It achieves this by automatically adjusting energy usage in unoccupied rooms, ensuring energy is provided only to occupied rooms while maintaining guest comfort and satisfaction.  

Here’s how it works:

    • Energy Saving: The system intelligently prevents unnecessary energy consumption by automatically adjusting settings when guests are not in their rooms. For instance, it can turn off the air conditioning in an unoccupied room, significantly reducing energy costs. 
    • Intelligent: iSwitch operates seamlessly by activating only when a valid card is inserted into the room’s card slot. This ensures that energy is used efficiently and exclusively provided to occupied rooms, optimizing energy management. 
    • Comfort: To ensure a seamless experience, iSwitch provides a courtesy period after a guest removes their card from the card slot before cutting off the energy supply to the room. This allows guests to conveniently leave the room without immediately losing power. The system can also intelligently adjust the room’s temperature to provide optimal comfort based on the guest’s preferences.

Benefits of an Energy Savings Management in the Philippines

Enkoa Energy Savings Management System

Having a properly installed energy savings management system not only allows you to manage your facilities more efficiently, but it also provides a quality energy-saving solution that maximizes your power usage efficiency. Here are some of the best benefits of using an energy savings management system from the Philippines.

  • Saving your Power and Money

Cost comes hand in hand with energy. The more energy you use, the more you will have to pay. And if you are an establishment owner, you surely understand how energy and utility bills are not so light on the wallet. This is why a smart energy saving system should be one of your investments.

For example, if you manage a hotel, you can’t possibly visit each and every room to see if your guests have turned off the air conditioner or their lights while they’re away. With a smart energy saving system like the iSwitch Energy Savings, you can monitor all these rooms in just one single device, see if the room is occupied, and you are in full control of their air conditioning, lights, and even their minibar.

Imagine just how much you’ll save on annual electricity costs with this. You’ll be surprised to see that your electricity bills are reduced by a huge percentage because of your energy management system.

  • Environmentally-Friendly

Energy produces carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, and particulate matters — all of which have negative effects on the environment and human health. It contributes to the greenhouse effect, causes acid rain, and contributes to the ground-level ozone — which damages the lungs. This comes in handy, especially if you are an establishment, as buildings are responsible for 40% of the total world annual energy consumption. And most of this energy comes from the provision of lighting, heating, cooling, and air conditioning. By making your space more efficient with smart energy saving management software, you will also be minimizing your carbon footprint.

As more businesses and industries are looking for green solutions that would help them consume and use power more efficiently, having an energy savings management system helps them steer towards the right direction. Along with using reusable energy sources, having the proper system to manage your building’s power consumption allows you to reduce power consumption while maximizing it at the same time.

  • Properly Allocated Power Distribution

Energy savings management systems not only save power, but they also help allocate power to facilities accordingly, ensuring that energy is properly distributed. Mismanagement of energy consumption can commonly be attributed to improper power distribution, which can cause energy to be unknowingly wasted, which can be costly in the long run. Implementing the right energy savings management systems will allow you to avoid this problem and provide the best power coverage within your premises.

  • International Standard Compliant

Efficient power distribution not only makes your business and industry perform more efficiently, but it also helps set a high standard when it comes to optimal power consumption. This allows your building to comply to international standards, as you are able to implement the latest technology that promotes efficient power consumption that provides a positive impact to the environment.

This also helps improve the safety standards of your building, as being able to lock doors and deactivate devices will always come in handy during emergency situations. Along with international standards, your building would also be able as local safety and building standards as well, ensuring that safety and proper energy consumption is observed.

  • It Sets High Standards

Not only will your business perform more efficiently with a smart energy saving system, but it will also put you in a good light and it sets the bar for other companies and industries. When you utilize this groundbreaking software, you are implementing the latest technology. Plus, you will also be known for providing a positive impact on the environment.

Implementing an Energy Savings Management System in the Philippines

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Implementing an energy savings management system in the Philippines involves a process that requires the installation of the necessary devices and software that will allow your building to observe optimal and efficient power consumption. The length of time it takes to implement these systems is dependent on the size of your building and the number of facilities present.

To start things off, it is important to install the proper energy savings management software in order to set up the framework that allows you to manage every device within the premises. An example of an energy savings management system is iSwitch Energy Savings, which allows you to control a variety of devices within a room. This includes being able to activate and deactivate door access, lighting, humidity, and air conditioning automatically using electronic identification, or by accessing the software itself. Installing this software ensures that you will avoid unnecessary energy consumption by ensuring that devices and facilities are deactivated when not in use.

The next step is to install control units and sensors within each room of your building. Control units allow you to turn devices on and off with a switch in order to save energy, while sensors perform the same function by activating devices only upon entry by employees or guests within a room. Emergency power switches are also important, as they provide a fail-safe option in the case of emergencies.

Door and furniture access switches are also necessary for the safety of guests and personnel, as security should be one of the top priorities within any business in case of emergencies. Installing an energy savings management system should be one of your top priorities, as it is a step in the right direction when it comes to improving the efficiency of your building’s power consumption.

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