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Attendance Monitoring in the Philippines: Significant Improvement of Punctuality and Performance of Employees

A business would not function without the manpower that is behind all the daily processes in the office. Employees are the cog in the machine of a company. Having an attendance monitoring system in the Philippines is a great way to keep track of their work performance and monitor possible delinquencies in attendance.

The keenness of an employee to show up for work can also be shown in an attendance monitoring system; for instance, to see whether your employees are always on time, you can install biometrics. The Philippines is one of the countries which uses attendance monitoring systems. Many companies who use this system generate reports of profit for their business, this is because of the performance of the employees and their dedication to their workload.

Gone are the days when you have to punch in and punch out, thanks to new technologies available in the market today. There are more efficient ways to monitor attendance and preserve punctuality in the workplace. Consistently late employees can now be negatively highlighted in a report, and this will help companies determine if their human resources are respecting the time for work.

With this system, the attendance data of employees will be organized and efficiently managed. Evaluating employee performance is easier with an attendance monitoring system. Regular attendance is vital for all employees as this ensures that they are dedicated to making their presence in your company productive.

Proactive employees will set the standard for those who do not value their time in the office and an attendance monitoring system for your Philippine company or in abroad will help you identify which category your employee belongs to. If they are always late or if they practice punctuality for work.

If you are planning to employ the help of attendance monitoring system and incorporate it in your workplace, then this article will help you have a better understanding on its benefits and how it can improve employee performance.

3 Methods To Manage Employees With ELID’s CheK HR Management System

3 Methods To Manage Employees With ELID’s CheK HR Management System

Using HR software, such as ELID’s Chek HRMS, can help your HR department to do their jobs effectively, not just for recording attendance and monitoring employee time-in/time-outs. Read on to find some solutions and tips you should consider integrating into your processes

Maintain Employment and Performance Records

Filing and maintaining accurate employee records are keys to the HR process. Having the right workplace records can make everything from recruitment, training, and dismissal easier and less stressful for those in HR.

With proper records, monitoring your employees’ performance and productivity levels is made easier. Having this information recorded and updated daily creates a frame of reference for management to identify which employees require interventions, promotions, or further development. Without this information, it can impede the development of both the business and employee.

Needless to say, as important as these records are, the files can become quite hefty and hard to parse through. However, the days when HR had to keep large, printed-out files and records of the employees are long over. With HR software, businesses can upload all records in one place, and access all their employee data with a click of a button.

IDenChek by ELID is one of these. It is a web-based Human Resource Management application that is capable of creating and maintaining your employment records. It is also a system that is capable of real-time records of employee performances and allows for easier review of said records. Using this system for HR operations also allows for easy updating of employee profiles.

Use Time and Attendance Applications

Manually monitoring and managing attendance can be a time-consuming and laborious task. Consequently, it also ends up being a very expensive one. It takes more time than you think to process your employee’s attendance. This procedure involves receiving and processing time cards, creating schedules, analyzing requests for leave and overtime. It takes several steps just to get from receiving a request to authorizing it.

However, with the right HR software solution, it is possible to free up precious time by setting up an automated system that does it all for you. Most software can easily keep track of employee hours, create schedules, and manage PTOs (Paid Time Offs) and sick leaves for you in a snap.

One such software solution is TimeCheK by ELID, which is a web-based time and attendance application system. This flexible application can control and collect information across multiple sites, and use that data to effectively manage employee attendance. The relevant data (such as time in and time out) can be converted into a quick snapshot of hours worked, absences, overtime, and tardiness.

Having these instant reports is essential in saving time and reducing costs. The software can also store unlimited patterns for work shifts, breaks, and attendance policies. TimeCheK’s versatility, real-time updates, and improved data accuracy can help in optimizing your business’ resources.

Automate Your Payroll Process

The process of calculating payroll takes in a lot of data and requires significant number crunching. This includes calculating hours, adjusting for any PTO, sick leaves, or holidays, running any payroll corrections, and more. Automating your payroll process is the best way to simplify paying your employees, and helps in keeping the payments accurate and on time.

While an automated payroll system can’t do everything for your company, it can help out quite a bit. Software solutions like PayChek from ELID are one way to integrate this system into your business.

PayChek is a web-based payroll system that helps you manage and process your payroll in a single click. It can automate tasks, such as year-end reporting, calculate payments for mandatory contributions (such as SSS, Pag-IBIG, PhilHealth), and generate payroll reports for the use of HR and management.

This software is also fully integrated with other ELID HR management systems, TimeCheK and IDenCheK. This helps keep all information available for authorized users, and accurate to real-time events. The integrated software also ensures data security than with traditional systems, as well as, reduces human error and chances of payroll fraud. Overall, the software allows your HR systems to become fast, flexible, and user-friendly.

Why is Punctuality Important in the Workplace?

Man working in the office

Encouraging punctuality in an office can bring a number of benefits not only for your company but for the overall growth of a professional individual. Exercising punctuality can also boost team morale, therefore, giving way to increased productivity. Being aware of the time means that there is respect for the assigned schedule and the work assignments that have to be done.

In the Philippines, having an attendance monitoring system will be a great strategy in order to be assertive when it comes to punctuality. Especially in workplaces where there is a requirement of team involvement, you would not have to worry about a department losing their footing in their respective operations. It is important that every employee knows the value of punctuality and the hours that they spend in the office would not be wasted time.

In the event that there is a consistent latecomer in the office, an attendance monitoring system will help you with a report which you can use at a later time when the need to reprimand the said employee arises. Alarming cases of tardiness among employees will be the cause of delays in work assignments and this will hurt projects which require team involvement.

Local companies are no stranger to these types of occurrences, having an attendance monitoring system in the Philippines will cancel out the concept of Filipino time which is the reason why there are latecomers to the office.

There should be a clear statement that punctuality is important and you can list some points in order to be firm about this stand. Here are some of the importance of punctuality in the workplace:

Deadlines – punctuality is often overlooked and this results in incomplete projects. When it is observed, it assures the clients of the reliability of your business and it will promote their loyalty to your services. Meeting the deadlines is a great sign of professionalism and punctuality is the key in achieving this.

It helps establish a strong work ethic and the drive to be productive. Professionals like writers, journalists, producers and accountants must provide a quota for their daily, weekly, and monthly report. Striving to be mindful of the deadline shows signs of respect your work, which will boost your morale in the long run. This also exhibits a proactive attitude when it comes to the job.

Long-term Goals – exhibiting punctuality in meetings and the daily work process will display your willingness to stay in the job that you are in. This will contribute to your long-term goals for the company and it would be a step into an eligibility for promotion.

Focusing on the work at hand means that you are responsible enough to maintain an admirable work ethic. This would also translate to the long-term goals in realization of the vision of the company. More productivity means more revenue and visibility to your target market.

Job Security – a punctual employee does not have to worry about losing his job over a poor attendance record. Finding a job can be tough because of all the tedious process and competition you have to go through. You wouldn’t want to risk losing the job you have now, would you?

Punctuality demonstrates your willingness to work, show grit, and you wouldn’t be seen as irresponsible by your peers or your boss.

Being punctual will help you identify yourself as someone who does his job well because you can have an ample amount of time to stick to the work agenda and improve if you happen upon a mistake. This will show that you want to keep your job for the long haul and it exhibits that you are interested to fulfill your company’s vision.

Professionalism – punctuality is a great sign of professionalism and it will help you to stand out in the talent pool of human resources. It will display your reliability and trustworthiness as an employee.

Having too much delays in tasks will keep you from being a dependable member of the team. Your co-workers will think that they cannot rely on you if you are constantly late because if you are not willing to stick to the rules regarding attendance, you probably don’t have the discipline to complete tasks on time.

A punctual employee is looked upon by the company because he has established himself as a worker towards smooth operations of the organization. Being in an office means that you have to coexist with different characters and you should make sure that you shy away from frustrations that may stem from a tardiness and a poor attendance system.

Increases Credibility – employee monitoring provides an evaluation for the overall performance of the company. When employees are productive, it does a great deal of improvements to the business. This also means that a punctual employee posts more growth in performance than someone who is constantly late.

This also means that there is less time wasted and it enhances the team’s productivity. Increased credibility is also synonymous with integrity, as it shows your dedication to the job, interest in the subject matter at hand and the willingness to improve your work ethic. It helps employees to get ahead and use their skills to the betterment of the business.

Equating Punctuality to Performance

Woman working in the office


Employees who are mindful of their time improves the whole workplace performance because this eliminates time constraint. The growth of an organization depends upon the performance of the employees. The punctuality of the team contributes to productivity in more ways than one. It boosts creativity, concentration, and it allows them to focus better on tasks at hand.

It will also build a healthy and harmonious environment conducive to work and punctual employees can also be an example to their colleagues which promotes growth in the team. The simple act of punctuality can be seen in replying to emails, delivering work updates, or just regularly aligning with your team.

You can also de-stress when you are punctual because it will give more room for work-life balance since if you start tasks early, you finish early. It will help you plan your schedule better, giving you the chance to figure out a suitable schedule. Having control over your day will more likely prevent you from worrying about the problems you will encounter. This means that there is lesser risk of being burnt out at work which will improve work performance.

This can also lessen frustrations when it comes to work because your reliability will ensure your team of the dedication to the job. It also promotes cooperation and teamwork among colleagues which can be beneficial in the overall business environment.

How Attendance Monitoring Can Help Decrease Tardiness

Man in blue taking notes

Technologies such as an electronic systems record the clocking in and out of employees which will automatically generate attendance monitoring reports. The data can also be used in integrating to a third party payroll software. Hardware, software, and interfacing units all serve as tools for time management function which will promote punctuality among employees.

Having an attendance monitoring system in the Philippines is the solution to decrease late employees and possible tendencies of tardiness. Tardy employees will decrease the profitability of the business because they cannot be relied on with respect to time. Maintaining a business means that time is of the essence and a moment that you waste will decrease the performance of the company in the market. It will lower customer satisfaction and give a bad name to your brand.

With attendance monitoring systems, you can prevent this from happening.

You can opt to use a card-based attendance monitoring system with its simplistic design makes for ease of use. A device can store 6,000 to 30,000 offline transactions depending on what brand you are going to get. The time clock can effectively monitor working sessions as well as the in and out selection of the employees. It can be used for barcode, magnetic, proximity and contactless smart card reader.

There are devices such as the Fingerprint Time Recording Terminal that is a reliable, user-friendly, and cost-effective Optical Fingerprint Recognition Time Recording Terminal. It can identify up to 9,000 fingerprint templates and 30,000 online transactions. With its fast verification time, it is a suitable device to have an attendance monitoring system in your Philippine-based office or factory environment.

There are also software that can help you in monitoring attendance like the basic time managers, time clock interface software, and a single-workstation time manager. Examples of these are E.SDK, Chronos, E. Time and TimePro. These time monitoring systems are easy to use and are suitable for offices.

Installing these attendance monitoring systems can decrease tardiness in the workplace which will result in better work performance from employees.

Quality and Productive Time Attendance Solutions for your Business in Partnership with ELID

When it was first established 29 years ago in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, we focused on access control as our idea of specialization. Now that modern technologies have changed the playing field, ELID is still a prime player in being a provider of Electronic Identification Systems.

Serving many industries in Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Hong Kong, China, Philippines and other Asian countries, we provide long-term stability to these customers who are proof of our efficient products and services.

ELID will provide offices and other establishments here in the Philippines the attendance monitoring system that is suitable for their work environment. As the leading manufacturer of state-of-the-art electronic identification systems in Asia, we provide a quality solution to time evaluation as well as other electronic identification systems.

We continue to grow and maintain a great performance in specializing in the niche area of Electronic Identification that we even incorporated it into our brand name (ELID). The company aims to provide electronic identification devices like attendance monitoring system not only in the Philippines but to the whole world.

With the mindset of treating the world as our marketplace, ELID is continuously in cooperation with various industries to further research, development, production, and sales. With the time attendance solutions of ELID, you can guarantee that you can monitor the punctuality of your employees in your business. Apart from these, we also provide security systems for Philippine establishments to safeguard them from any threats.

With ELID, tardiness would not be an option as you can keep a good eye on those who practice it.

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