The ER502 is a RS-485 single access portal reader interface unit designed to greatly increased the flexibility design of the Matrix V system. Door peripherals like readers, keypads and door locking mechanisms are directly connected to ER 502 to provide a tamper proof solution and to reduced the cabling works and costing from door peripherals to the main controller.

  • RS 485 connectivity
  • Enhanced baud rate of 57600bps
  • Support up to 7 different card format
  • Customer Code support for higher security
  • 10 Off Line supervisory cards
Model ER502
Manufacturer ELID Sdn Bhd
Country of Origin Malaysia
CPU Freescale 16-bit MC9S12GC with 128K flash and 4K RAM
Bus Speed 25.8048 MHz
Communication 2 wires RS845 Interface (Data+, Data-)
Baud Rate 9600 bps or 57600 bps
Protocol Peer-to-peer collision detection protocol (E-BUS)
Max Doors Supported 1 Door
Standalone Operation No (Only with 10 Emergency Card Access)
Modes of Operation Card, PIN, Car + PIN, Time Clock
Status Detection Tamper, Battery and Alternating Current
Types of Readers Supported Proximity (HID, EM, MiFare, Barcode 3 of 9 and ITF)
Max Readers Supported 2 (one IN and one OUT)
Onboard I/O Capacity 2 Inputs and 2 Outputs
External I/O Capacity 1 x EA8 (2 inputs and 6 outputs)
Onboard Inputs/Outputs 8 Inputs, 4 Outputs
Operating Temperature 0°C to 60°C
Humidity 10% to 90% non-condensing
Power Requirements 12VDC  100mA excluding reader
Recommended Casing Dimensions 410 (H) x (400 (L) x 120 (W) mm
Approximate Weight 400 grams