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Door Access Systems Philippines: How to Keep Your Workplace and Business Safe

Security is one of the most critical priorities in any location, whether it may be your home, a school, your workplace, or your business. There are many elements at play when it comes to implementing systems, rules, and mechanisms that ensure the security and safety of one location. One of the most crucial points of security in any location is the doorway, which is why door access systems in the Philippines remain a familiar fixture in many establishments. As the primary entry point of any structure, doorways allow the passage of people and goods on a regular basis, making security a high priority in these areas.

While locking mechanisms and security staff are common in most entry points of a building, there are instances where these can be bypassed by unwanted intruders which can lead to a new set of security issues that can harm your workplace or business. This makes security even more crucial in these areas. With today’s technology, most establishments can now rely on sophisticated door access systems in the Philippines that enable them to add another degree of security.

Early Technology

Door access systems installed in the philippines

Before the advent of sophisticated door access system technology, the earliest form of the technology was being used and developed during the 20th century. One of these early forms of door access systems utilized a series of electronic switches assigned to open each door. This technology was developed to reduce the need for locks and keys and provide more security in high-risk areas. Early on, the bulk of these door access systems were only available to certain high-security locations, which meant the system was not readily available for use in workplaces and businesses.

However, once the technology became easy to manufacture and mass produce, the system has been integrated into more businesses thereafter. It is also worth noting that most of these door access systems can only control a limited number of access points. Recognition technology was still in its relative infancy.

Eventually, access system technology began to utilize features like numeric keypads that only allow entry for people who have the designated code, magnetic card reading technology, and fingerprint identification. These innovations helped improve security and accessibility in various areas and led to more workplaces and businesses to integrate the technology into their premises.

Door Access Systems Today

Fingerprint scanning for door access systems

Today’s generation of access system technology has now become increasingly advanced due to the rapid developments and innovations in technology — from improved biometrics systems, RFID cards, cloud technology, and even smartphone integration. These innovations not only allow for better security features, they have also enhanced employee and personnel tracking in the workplace, integrating them with the same entry and exit access systems.

While door access systems in the Philippines continue to innovate in terms of technology, the future looks even brighter. With technology allowing for faster and more efficient systems, security has now become an even higher priority than before, especially with the instances of data breaches and hacking. Seeing new forms of identification is also another huge possibility, with facial recognition being one of the latest innovations that would soon become commonplace in the next generation of security access systems in the Philippines and the rest of the world.

The latest and upcoming door access systems in the Philippines must be able to utilize features that protect them from any form of data and security breaches and establish a strong and secure network that provides the best safety in any form of business or establishment. Based on the latest innovations being designed and tested, you can be sure to see improved hardware and software that will be able to protect your workplace and business efficiently.


Benefits of Door Access Systems in the Philippines

Know Where Everybody Goes

Door access systems have long benefitted various types of industries and establishments through a reliable form of security. Here are some of the advantages of installing ELID’s most secure door access solutio yet, the Matrix V, for your business.

Anti-Passback Option

The door access system requires cards for employees to access secure areas. Anyone with authorized access should be able to enter the area using their own card. This system already seems secure on its own, but Matrix V’s anti-passback option makes it more secure and reliable.

The anti-passback option requires the cardholder to exit the secure area before being able to use the card to re-enter the vicinity. This avoids any loopholes that may cause a security breach like using the card multiple times without exiting. Without the anti-passback option, multiple individuals, even those who shouldn’t have access, would be able to enter the secure area with only one card.

The anti-passback option keeps the secure area accessible to only one user per card at a time.

Instantly Inhibit Access or Release Locks

The door access system itself can already give remote commands to lock or unlock specific doors within the premises. This makes the control over door access more comprehensive and useful. Matrix V has a special feature that lets you instantly lock or unlock doors permanently.

This feature lets you bypass other access authorizations and lock doors permanently. By doing this, no one would be able to unlock the door unless you do. It also allows you permission to grant access to secure zones. This feature is perfect for emergencies such as a fire in the vicinity, or an escaping thief.

The instantaneous effects of these commands make the feature that much more reliable for security and safety purposes

Mixed-Mode Capability

Matrix V’s door access system, while strict, secure, and reliable, is also multipurpose. Its function is not limited to locking and unlocking doors and tracking access activity. Since Matrix V is a fully integrated security management system, the door access system is connected to other features.

Mixed-mode capability lets you track time using the door’s access system. By checking the logs, the system can be used to track attendance, time ins and time outs, tardiness, absences, and other relevant data. This makes a big chunk of work more automated, saves time and effort, as well as, conserves resources.

It all becomes possible because of the complete integration of the Matrix V security management system.

Dual Card Mode

One of the extra configurations of Matrix V’s door access system is the dual card mode. As the name suggests, the feature means that an extra card is required to access secure areas. When dual card mode is activated, the regular card and the higher level “escort” card should both be used.

This configuration is most useful in highly secure areas or areas with sensitive assets or information stored. If you need to keep an area secure with only the highest level of authorization, you may configure Matrix V’s doors to dual card mode.

Interlock Configuration

This additional interlock configuration can add another layer of security to highly secure areas that you want to keep safe. With this setting, the locks of certain doors will be linked together. A person then has to pass through one door before being able to unlock the door ahead.

The interlock configuration means that a certain order of door access is enforced. With both interlock and dual card mode configurations, extra layers of security are sure to keep documents, individuals, and assets safe.

Keeping Your Workplace and Business Safe

Man working while door is open

Safety is the highest priority in any work or business location as these facilities contain important and sensitive information along with valuable resources and tools used in their daily operations. Information can range from employee and client data to various business transactions and communications from key people. Meanwhile, resources and tools range from important hardware like computers and servers, to industrial equipment used for manufacturing.

Both of these elements are crucial in helping a business run efficiently, making security in these areas a significant undertaking to accomplish. Should these elements become compromised, it can cause a considerable number of implications that would negatively impact your business. Employee safety is also a priority, as any harm done by a form of intrusion can compromise business operations, and can lead to numerous legal and safety concerns that will only hurt the business overall.

Having door access systems in the Philippines will not only allow you to track and monitor the entry and exit logs of your employees but also ensure that only designated personnel will be able to enter key premises. This will help in making sure your work operations will be able to run smoothly and that personnel and key resources will remain safe within the establishment.

Security Features

Grid example of face scanning system

The technology offered by a door access system provides a slew of security features that provide an exceptional level of security for your business and workplace. An integrated locking system allows you to automatically lock and unlock doors without the need of having assigned personnel to perform the task. This integrated locking system also allows you to lock down certain areas in case of emergencies and security breaches.

Biometrics and facial recognition also allow for more secure entry. These systems contain sophisticated recognition technology that would make sure only assigned personnel would be able to access certain areas. These systems can also notify any form of intrusion or incorrect entry, and record it in the database. This allows security personnel to respond accordingly and resolve the issue quickly and efficiently. Keeping entry points secure is one of your priorities when it comes to the safety of your business and workplace. Having a dedicated door access system in the Philippines allows you to enhance your security and add another degree of much-needed safety.

Employee Tracking

Top view of employees working in cubicles

When it comes to employee tracking, door access systems have become the primary form of technology used to monitor employee logs and attendance. This system ensures daily attendance will always be recorded on a consistent basis and that the data can be conveniently accessed through any computer. This system also allows employees to be able to check their attendance records seamlessly, encouraging them to monitor their work hours.

Most door access systems in the Philippines have made use of this technology and has helped numerous businesses in the country in providing the most efficient system of tracking employees on a daily basis. This also makes it a crucial tool for human resources teams as well, as it ensures attendance is constantly monitored. While other businesses have yet to make use of this technology, it would not be a surprise to see it become increasingly widespread, as it also provides enhanced security that has become a necessity in today’s fast-paced and competitive world.

Proper Placement

Entrance with door access systems

A door access system in the Philippines can be placed in a number of key locations within the work premises. The most traditional placements of these access systems are located at the entrance and exit points of a building as these locations see the most amount of activity and are the primary entry points for people to access. Having a door access system in these areas can be the first line of defense when it comes to protecting your business and employees from any form of intrusion. Most door access systems in the Philippines are located in these areas, ensuring that important doorways and entry points are kept safe from unauthorized intrusion.

It is best to install door access systems into important rooms as well as entry and exit points within a building. These rooms can contain important personnel, information, resources, and tools, which is why having a door access system allows you to add another layer of security to these areas. Having biometrics and identification systems ensures you will be able to assign select personnel to access these rooms, and constantly monitor who goes in and out.

Along with areas with essential elements and resources, it is equally necessary to place door access systems to danger zones such as power generators and manufacturing machines. Only qualified and equipped personnel should be required to operate in these areas. These various areas can include storage rooms, labs, manufacturing facilities, power sources, executive employee rooms, server rooms, and even archival rooms. When it comes to keeping your facilities safe and secure, implementing a door access system is the best step to take.

Keep Your Workplace and Business Safe with ELID Technology

It is best to implement the best door access system in the Philippines available, as it allows you to have a very high degree of security for your workplace and business. By choosing ELID Technology’s line of the advanced security systems, you can be sure you only have the best for your business.

Utilizing some of the finest in security technology, ELID provides top-of-the-line security systems that address your security needs. ELID’s door access system technology consists of the best software, along with the best controllers and interfaces to provide a comprehensive security system in crucial entry points and rooms. The software can be integrated into the latest computers, providing a robust security framework that can be accessed anytime. Controllers provide coded access, a comprehensive database for employees and staff, along with software security to secure important data. Lastly, ELID Technology’s line of readers provides a variety of identification options, like card readers and biometric scanners.  This, along with the use of advanced recognition and identification technology, you can make sure that security breaches can be prevented efficiently.

Along with door access systems, ELID also provides other security products, including visitor management systems, lift access systems, smart gate systems, time and attendance tracking systems, vehicle access control systems, guard tour systems, hotel lock systems, and intrusion alarm systems. These products allow for an enhanced level of security in crucial locations, along with being able to track employees and key personnel. These technologies not only enhance security but also help your security staff become more efficient and effective through the use of these systems.

Security is one of the most important priorities in today’s age, especially with the latest technology available. With ELID Technology, you can be sure you would be able to provide the best safety and security in any area. Click here to learn more about our solutions!


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