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How Hotel Locks Systems in the Philippines Work

Are you ever curious about your hotel lock systems in the Philippines? Whenever we check into a hotel, there seems to be so much going on with the hotel front desk that we are oblivious to. There are various processes the front desk officer goes through before handing over your keycard. Hotel management always makes sure that you and your room will be secure through the management system and software. Without these integrated hotel locks and management systems, our modern day travel would be vastly different.

The main differences modern society will experience without advanced hotel locks are the lack of convenience and speed. With the implementation of fast internet and technology, it’s only fitting that hotels keep up with the latest trends and technological innovations to give the best experience to guests. Deploying the best strategies and techniques to improve guest experience is how the hotel and tourism industry maintained its growth.

Before the sophisticated technology that we now know came to be, we used a much more primitive system to manage hotel door locks. Hotels were being used by many travelers and adventurers, even in the 15th century. French law required hotel managers to keep a register of guests. The hotel industry has since evolved into the modern giant it is today. It continues to be one of the most irreplaceable businesses that bring employment opportunities to many people all around the world.

Hotel lock systems from the Philippines and around the world share a similarly rich history, starting off with ordinary lock and key systems over the register to a much more advanced automated card system.

In 1974, a woman was attacked in her hotel room. This event sparked the invention of a better door lock system. Tor Sornes, a passionate lock maker, wanted to make hotel guests feel as safe as possible. Sornes created the VingCard, which was the first recordable keycard door lock. This lock brought about the revolution and invention of much more advanced security measures and locks to improve safety for everyone.

Increasing security with hotel lock systems for the Philippines and other countries has significantly reduced break-ins. Not only has security increased for guests, but for employees and employers as well. Lock access data allows employers to see who accessed specific storerooms. Treating employees with utmost fairness is important in order to maintain the integrity of the lodging establishment.

In a specific situation, you arrive at your hotel and queue at the check-in counter. You input your guest information and a few moments later, you get a unique key for your room. Then you’re finally able to settle down in your room. It’s a convenient process made easier by using hotel lock systems available in the Philippines.

What is a Hotel Door Lock System?

Hotel door lock system

Starting off with the specifics, what exactly is a hotel door lock system? When talking about hotel door locks, there are many different kinds of locks that offer different advantages. The lock system is composed of a lock and system that works in tandem to keep your room secure. This lock can be opened with various methods from keycards, smartphones, and biometrics. There are thousands of latest offerings from the diverse market of smart locks that continue to evolve.

Sadly, magnetic stripe locks are becoming less popular. The next big innovation for hotel locks is the use of mobile locks. Mobile applications allow guests to have direct access to their hotel rooms. The purpose of mobile keys is to increase guest loyalty and to increase bookings. Hotels are continuously aiming to provide high quality and seamless experiences.

Dangerous instances such as break-ins can be prevented with a secure lock. If you come from a long night, a door that automatically locks can prevent intrusions to protect your belongings and most especially, yourself.

Implementing a universal app for various hotels can bring an absolutely mobile experience, allowing guests to make appointments, book reservations, and order food just through the simple use of their smartphones. But the main concern for these advanced locks is their ability to remain significant over the next few years. Will current innovations in hotel locks systems in the Philippines still be able to hold up with the next best thing?

Hotel Door Lock System Components

Hotel Door Lock System Component

Like turnstile systems in the Philippines, hotel door lock systems are made up of various components. But the two main parts of these locks are the system and the lock itself. It’s quite similar to smart locks for homes and offices today. The benefit of using smart locks for hotels is to prevent guests from losing their keys; and it keeps the guest secure as these keys are not easily duplicated, unlike traditional lock systems.

The technology you should keep in mind when purchasing a lock should cater to your guests and employees. It should be fairly easy to handle and manage, especially during emergencies. Lock systems can be as technologically innovative but if it doesn’t have the right functionality with convenience in mind, there’s no guarantee it will be future proof.

Hotel locks are certain investments that need careful attention. Carefully choosing which lock system is best for the hotel can save a lot of money. Deploying different locks for rooms can be difficult to manage as problems can arise from basic operations. Having a uniform lock system can make hotel operations easier. To solve this problem, review the demographic you’re hosting in your hotel. With this demographic in mind, take note of the star rating of the hotel as well. If you’re planning to upgrade your facilities and accelerate your star rating, it may be wise to invest in advanced hotel lock systems.

Be wise in choosing the right lock for your hotel. Smart investments that are made early can easily future proof of your hotel. ELID Technology Intl., Inc. has various hotel lock systems in the Philippines that can definitely help keep your lock systems upgraded and ready for the future.


ELID Technology Intl., Inc. has a hotel door lock system called Bali. It uses high-quality stainless steel plate escutcheons for the highest quality protection for the lock system. The handle is made from top-notch steel that promises longevity and a free engage handle system. It promises a low power consumption for its integrated high-sensitivity RFID technology. It’s powered by two AA batteries, promising 8-12 months of battery life. It can keep audit trail records for the hotel database. It also features a built-in buzzer and self detect LED light indicators. Don’t worry about running out of battery as Bali indicates when the battery is running low. Deadbolts and primary latches also have a panic release system that can easily be released by the inner handle.


Another innovation from ELID Technology Intl., Inc. is their Sailing OLED Hotel Door Lock System. It’s equipped with an OLED display that can show various lock information. It can display the time, greeting, room number, and operating info. The stainless steel panel protects the components of the lock. The lock is powered by two AA batteries which can last up to 20,000 openings. This hotel door lock system can also record up to 800 audit trial records. It also features a do not disturb mode that can reject keycards from the outside.


Murray is another product from ELID Technology Intl., Inc. which is perfect for hotel use. The narrow style panel is sleek without sacrificing functionality. The battery case is located under the mortice, which can easily be replaced at any time. It’s powered by two AA batteries and can be engaged freely while locking. In case of emergencies, the deadbolt and latch can be disengaged automatically by shaking the inside handle.


Available in black and stainless colors, and uses RFID MIFARE Reader Technology. This is a brand new hotel lock that offers a modern and discrete lock for your hotel rooms.


Our Sicily hotel lock comes equipped with an OLED display, able to show a range of information about a specific room. These details include the time, room number, lock status, and other operating information.

Another feature of our OLED-display locks is the “Do Not Disturb” and “Make Room” functions. With these, maintenance personnel and housekeeping crew can identify which room requests for a particular service. Likewise, guests will also be provided comfort with having the DND display on.

OLED displays have multiple advantages over an LCD display. OLED has better contrast, higher brightness, improved viewing angles, and much faster refresh rates. They also consume less power, which contributes to our lock’s efficiency. Plus, they have a simpler design overall, enabling us to create ultra-thin displays for your convenience.

What is Hotel Lock Software?

Hotel front desk office

The hotel lock software is specially designed for programming hotel key cards. Each hotel door lock system has specific software that’s compatible with their keys. A computer is usually used to program the key cards.

A hotel lock software should usually have these features:

  • Can display a list of all hotel guest rooms
  • A user interface to display and fill-in guest check-in information
  • Functions that can search for data
  • Functions that can display room status
  • Can be easily operated using a mouse
  • Can program card history records

A hotel lock software such as visitor management systems in the Philippines and the like can also be operated using a touch screen, but can traditionally still use a mouse and keyboard for basic operations. It’s essential for the software to also include a card encoder so the program can completely function. It should also be easily linked to the Hotel Property Management System (PMS).

A property management system is a platform that manages all daily matters for the hotel. This includes reservations, room assignments, room management, check-ins, check-outs, billing, hotel finances, and employee management. The main difference between a property management system and a hotel lock software is that the software can program and reprogram keycards.

The Different Types of Hotel Locks Offered by ELID

Discover ELID’s advanced hotel lock systems in the Philippines. As a leading provider of cutting-edge security solutions, we redefine guest convenience and safety. Our top-notch solutions ensure unparalleled protection for guests and peace of mind for your staff. Upgrade your security standards with ELID’s range of hotel lock systems.


ELID’s Macao Hotel Lock System combines RFID Mifare Technology with a stylish stainless steel design, offering both reliability and elegance. With a sensor window and LED light indicator, the operation is effortless. The ANSI Mortise ensures durability, while four AA alkaline batteries provide long-lasting power.

Sliding Lock

Elid’s Sliding Lock adds a touch of luxury to any door with its sleek stainless steel finish (SUS 304). Featuring an ANSI mortise and RFID Mifare Technology, this lock ensures both security and reliability.


Upgrade your hotel’s access control system with Bali, an advanced lock solution that combines a Full Mortise ANSI Lockcase, modern Mifare Reader Technology, and BLE Technology. The BLE Technology feature allows guests to conveniently unlock their doors using their smartphones, enhancing the overall guest experience.


With its Full Mortise ANSI Lockcase, this lock system guarantees superior performance and security. As a trusted hotel lock system provider in the Philippines, ELID incorporates BLE Technology which allows visitors to easily unlock their doors.


ELID’s Vienna hotel lock system combines sleek design with durability. The brass lever handle and alloy reader enhance the upscale appearance, while RFID MIFARE technology provides contactless keycard access with exceptional durability. Its deluxe version includes an electronic doorplate with advanced features. The D1239 doorplate features a doorbell button, card reader, Do Not Disturb (DND) indicator, and Makeup room indicator.


Simplify access management and enhance security with Rome and Rome Deluxe Hotel Lock Systems. These solutions offer a comprehensive range of specialized cards to meet various entry needs, ensuring efficient and secure access control. Rome Deluxe Hotel Lock combines an electronic doorplate with a hotel lock, offering an integrated and modern solution. With added features like Do Not Disturb (DND) and Makeup Room indicators, along with a built-in card scanning function, this lock system enhances performance.


With advanced features and seamless integration, Sicily ensures enhanced security and streamlined hotel operations. This cutting-edge hotel lock system utilizes 13.56MHz RFID and infrared communication capabilities, allowing guests convenient access through MIFARE® S50 and S70 cards


Upgrade your hotel lock system in the Philippines with the Sailing Hotel Lock, a highly advanced hotel lock system that combines wireless and BLE technology for seamless connectivity. With real-time monitoring, you can easily track lock activities, ensuring enhanced security and effective management of your establishment.


With its streamlined and contemporary design, this lock is easy to set up and use. The lock is powered by 4 AA Alkaline batteries for continuous operation, and its free-engage handle system ensures extended mechanical life.  The built-in memory enables easy extraction of audit trail reports. 

Sailing OLED

Elid’s Sailing OLED system is designed to elevate hotel lock systems in the Philippines. With its OLED display panel, guests can easily access crucial information such as welcome messages, lock status, and fault notifications. Sailing OLED seamlessly integrates with the XDR Hotel Lock System, offering a comprehensive and effective solution that combines convenience, security, and cutting-edge technology.

How Does a Hotel Door Lock Work?

Open hotel door with lock system

Hotel door locks integrate easily with the hotel door lock program. For electronic mortise locks with card readers, the card is first inserted into the card channel. The keycard then communicates with the front desk computer. This process can permit or reject an entry which is dependent on the data and permission level that’s programmed in the key card.

This is a commonly used lock system today but what about the future? The future of hotel locks might just be Bluetooth. If safety and security are still one of the main concerns, Bluetooth integrated lock systems might just be the solution. The world today is rapidly shifting into a mobile-centric lifestyle and hotels should follow suit. Letting your guests have the ability to access their check-in info through mobile plus allowing access to their rooms can streamline check-in transactions for your hotel.

Smartphones can change the way your guests interact with your hotel. This can allow guests to feel more free, mobile and most importantly safe. Taking two steps ahead and keeping up with guests can be beneficial. Incorporating a Bluetooth energy lock (BLE) for your hotel lock system and a dedicated application for smartphones can eliminate any security concerns. Bluetooth locks are extremely hard to hack or break into, so you can ensure that your guest is always safe and secure. Bluetooth locks also eliminate the potential of losing or having the guest key stolen. Bluetooth locks are also impossible to physically pick.

Bluetooth locks are also an environmentally friendly solution. Losing thousands of electronic key cards can significantly increase bills and can also put the environment in danger. There’s a surplus of plastic all over the world and small efforts can contribute greatly to various societies. Your guests are guaranteed to have their phones always on hand, and gadgets are not easily disposable compared to plastic cards.

Bluetooth locks are definitely the next best future-proof lock system you can invest in and integrate into your hotel for better service and overall streamlined operations.

Reasons to Use ELID’s Hotel Lock Systems in the Philippines

Long Operational Life

All of ELID’s hotel locks are made from top-notch stainless steel that promises your locks are usable for a long time. Aside from longevity, the material also helps us keep the locks resistant to tarnishing, staining, and scratches. The stainless steel panels also guarantee that the electronic components of the lock are safe from moisture, heat, and other possible damage.

Our hotel locks also come equipped for long operation life. This battery life is crucial to the effectiveness of our hotel locks. Having a long-lasting battery means having fewer worries about charging and the risk of the lock suddenly turning off and disengaging.

Panic Release System

In hotels, ensuring your guest’s safety is one of your top priorities. In cases of emergencies, having a faulty or poorly-designed hotel lock can cause accidents, injury, and even death to happen to your guests.

To prevent this from ever occurring, we ensured that all of our hotel locks came with a failsafe mechanism — a panic release system. This mechanism is used to provide quick unlocking of a door in an emergency, such as a fire or earthquake.

Our hotel locks are designed to disengage automatically when a user shakes the inner handle. So, despite possible power outages or system failure, your guest will not be at risk of getting trapped in their room.

Extensive Audit Records

On top of their safe, handy, and durable features, our hotel locks can create extensive audit records. These records are mandatory for hotels, as they help log guest activity, staff activity, reservation discrepancies, room charges, housekeeping status, and more. With their ability to log up to 800 transactions, our hotel locks provide invaluable assistance in maximizing the efficiency of your hotel.

Additionally, these records are not just simple entry/exit entries for your system. They include relevant information such as time, date, card ID, card type, guest information, and room ID. Our hotel locks can also record the opening history, and all this information is easily accessible with a few clicks of a button.

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