CEM Furniture Electronic Lock

CONTACTLESS FURNITURE LOCK: Opening by approaching an authorized card. Temporized locking or by approaching a card.
STANDALONE: Without cables, battery operated.
INVISIBLE LOCK: concealed installation, It remains hidden behind the furniture door, being very esthetic.
MASTER CARDS: Master cards can be generated for opening and locking any of the lockers/drawers.

MULTIPLE OPENING: Each card can occupy up to 5 free or fix lockers/ drawers.
AUTOMATIC OPENING. At a defined time the lockers will be opened
AUDIT TRAIL BY USING A CARD: By approaching a special 4k card, the latest event on the locker will be downloaded.
SUITABLE FOR NON-METALLIC LOCKERS: The best solution for small workplace lockers.



Description Option with RFID: Furniture electronic lock contactless with 13,56MHz RFID

Option with Wireless RFID: Furniture electronic lock contactless with 13,56MHz RFID and with wireless communications.

Reference CEMxEM1BECxx

Wireless: CEMxxM1xxDxx

Power 1 battery CR123A, 3V
Battery Life 2 years
RFID Frequency 13.56MHz.
Reading Distance 20 mm
Interface Beeper
Operating Temperature 10º to 60º
Dimensions Height 62, Width 62 and depth 34mm.
Weight 86 gr.