AI System


    • Tailgate Detection: Protection against various security breach scenarios such as tailgating, piggybacking and crossing
    • Enhanced Security: Provides a high level of security by ensuring only a single person can enter each time an authorized personnel’s card is swiped/badged
    • Enforces proper card/fingerprint usage: Encourages employees to adhere to proper access control protocols
    • Affordable: AI-powered rather than using expensive mantrap vestibules, turnstiles or electronic sensor beams
    • Non-intrusive: Mounted on the ceiling. Day-to-day movement of employees is unobstructed
    • High Compatibility: Effortless integration with any standard access controller, requiring only two signals: valid entry and door sensor
    •  Low maintenance costs: No hardware that is subject to wear and tear; hence, no periodic repairs or maintenances is necessary


    How It Works

    Once installed, ElidEye autonomously trains and adapts itself, learning detailed information about the environment and appearance of people within the field of view. This is done by applying state-of-the-art computer vision and machine learning algorithms to the video feed acquired by the built-in camera module. Subsequently, ElidEye detects and tracks all people within the field of view, thereby determining whether a person is entering or exiting the secure area. It checks the number of entering people against the number of valid entries and permits only a single authorized person to enter between a door open-door close cycle. If the aforementioned rule is violated, the system triggers an alarm. Equipped with a powerful quad-core processor, ElidEye is able to perform all these complex operations and precisely detect tailgating, piggybacking and crossing, in real-time.

    Tailgate Offenses

    Response Options

    • Annunciator – An alarm may be triggered such as a bell, buzzer or a pre-recorded voice clip
    • Image Capture – Take snapshots of the tailgating offence
    • Video Recording – Record a short clip of the tailgating offence

    Application Scenarios

    • High-security offices, institutes and organizations
    • Bank server rooms
    • Casinos
    • Government or military infrastructure
    • University laboratories (chemical & biomedical)
    • Public facilities like gyms