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Reasons Why Businesses Should Invest in Security Systems in the Philippines

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Many multinational companies in the Philippines have security systems installed in most of their workplaces. This is because these companies highly value their physical and intellectual property. These companies believe in the safety that these systems can provide.

However, most small and medium businesses see security systems as a luxury that can only be worth the price for big companies. The Philippines is home to many businesses that are scared every day because their office location is full of suspicious people. With many syndicates getting bolder and bolder each day, it is high time to install a security system to protect your company.

What are Security Systems?

Finger touching security symbol

A security system is a method by which something is secured through a system of interconnected devices working together. They are not limited to the physical safekeeping of objects. They can also be used to protect intellectual properties, such as highly classified data in computers.

There are many kinds of security systems available in the Philippines. These different kinds of security focus on giving unique security options for those who are interested to invest in them. A few examples of these can be found below:


  • Surveillance Systems

One of the most common security systems used both in residential and commercial spaces are video surveillance systems. This system provides you the ability to monitor the inside and outside of your house or your business. The footage provided by this can be accessed from observation rooms (or in some cases from your phones). For company owners, you can keep track of your employees’ well-being as well as their work ethic because this will allow you to see whether they are in your establishment or not.

Aside from that, installing surveillance cameras in key locations around your property can be a good way of preventing would-be criminals from entering your property; they would be trying very hard not to get captured by the cameras.


  • Access Control Systems

Big companies tend to install access control in their Philippine offices to help manage and regulate their assets. Physical access control systems are used to limit access to a place. These are usually seen in companies where keycards are needed to enter certain rooms of buildings. On the other hand, logical access control systems are software that requires a certain level of authorization before showing certain pieces of data.

Access control systems emphasize the use of identification, authentication, and credentials in the protection of both the physical and intellectual properties of a company.


  • Alarm Systems

These alarm systems are simple mechanisms that sound an alarm once a certain trigger happens. Mandatory in large buildings and popular for home security systems in the Philippines, these alarm systems come in a variety.

There are fire alarm systems that are usually paired with fire suppression systems to prevent any kind of fire from enveloping a whole building and there are also home security alarms that trigger when doors open, when glass breaks, or even when it senses motion in its vicinity.

Alarm systems are one of the most common kinds of security systems in the Philippines mostly because large office buildings are supposed to have them installed as per construction standards.


  • Biometrics

Biometrics is a security system that makes use of the uniqueness of the physical and behavioral characteristics of an individual to create a highly specialized authentication process. In the Philippines, biometrics include fingerprint scanning and voice recognition systems, however, more advanced systems can even include retina scanning and facial recognition.

Fingerprint scanning is the most common form of biometric security that has been constantly adapted to many big and small businesses.


  • Time Attendance Systems

This type of security system is used to keep track of your employees’ whereabouts. This system is used primarily for attendance reports. Some of these systems can provide clocking data, which can help third-party payroll software calculate expected salaries more accurately.

Other security systems include visitor management systems, which manage and records the data of everyone that enters a building, and parking management systems, which prevent unauthorized people from accessing parking spaces.

What is the Importance of Having a Security System?

CCTV - Security System in the Philippines

Before going into detail on why you should invest, you should first understand the importance of having a security system. The Philippines is far from being the safest country in the world. With rampant news about numerous modus operandi that target residential and commercial places alike, security systems will be a need for businesses that want to grow and continue through the years.

To provide you a better understanding, you can check out the various benefits of installing a security system in your company building below.


  • Asset Safe-Keeping

Security systems provide safe-keeping for your office. As a result, it will protect all the equipment in it. Since there are a number of different kinds of security systems, there will surely be one system that will satisfy your needs.

Your business’ sensitive data will also be protected. This is done by simply limiting the people, who have access to it. The security provider will install specialized equipment in your enterprise so you can monitor and prevent any kind of theft.


  • Employee Monitoring

It is also important to maintain surveillance of your employees because sometimes, there can be unethical employees that are a cause of misunderstandings in the workplace. Being monitored would also initiate the Hawthorne effect on your employees, which basically means their work ethic improves solely because they are being watched by their superiors.

Monitoring your employees can also weed out the unethical employees which can be the cause of misunderstandings and disarray within the workplace. Being able to spot them as soon as possible can speed up disciplinary procedures and rehabilitation if needed.


  • Safe Working Environment

Having a security system installed can also be a source of motivation for your employees because they will feel that they are being protected in their work environment. This is more evident for people who are scheduled for the night shift or the graveyard shift. Making your employees feel protected is one way of showing that a company cares for them.

Working in a safe working environment gives employees a sense of security, thus making them feel more comfortable as they do their work.


  • More Focus on the Work

In the Philippines, security systems can help a lot by enabling a business owner to focus more on what’s important in their work instead of always thinking about the safety of their properties and employees. Since most Filipinos are worrisome people, knowing that they have a system that is made to provide security for them can help their psyche calm down and be focused.

The importance of security systems in businesses cannot be underestimated, particularly in recent years when there has been an increase in criminal activities.

Why Should You Invest in Security Systems?

Person using a secured tablet

Small businesses have subscribed to the notion that they don’t need security systems because their establishment is too small. One reason behind this could be that they only see the initial benefits that security systems can give them.

Without knowing the full extent of what security systems can bring you, it is impossible to tell the benefits that having one has on your business. To help enlighten you and all other businesses, we have compiled these reasons why you should invest in security systems in the Philippines.

Stop a Crime Before It Happens

One of the main and most notable benefits of investing in a security system is being able to spot crimes before they happen. When installed correctly, security systems can give you full coverage of your property, making it almost impossible for any burglars to try let alone pull off a heist. If ever thieves try and fail to steal or damage anything, state-of-the-art security systems can help officials identify and track down these individuals.

In a country where multiple syndicates try out new, more devious ways to pull off their modus operandi, security systems in the Philippines will prove to be one of the best things that can deter such schemes.

Prevent Unauthorized Entry

Going hand in hand with the first entry to this list, security systems are very effective when it comes to preventing people from entering places they aren’t supposed to enter. The media has a large effect on the reputation of one’s business. If (for example) a journalist were to go and investigate your business, common courtesy should still be applied. Businesses in the food industry, for instance, tend to keep their doors closed when talking about special cooking methods or special ingredients.

Preventing random people from entering a work-sensitive area is common sense in the world of security.

Create a Professional Presence

Taking care of their employees is one sign of being a good business. When your customers notice the security systems installed in your company, they will think that you value the security of everyone that chooses to do business with or work for you. This kind of situation can make a company look more professional in their work ethic.

Investing in a security system is like committing to always protecting your whole company, including everyone that works there. When your employees see that you have gone the extra mile and provided more support for them, most of them will try and give back by working hard; thus, increasing the productivity of everyone involved.

Protection Against Legal Cases

In today’s age, scammers have become viable threats to a business. In the Philippines, where the appeal to emotion has found its way into the logical debates of the court, security systems that included surveillance systems can help resolve issues that occur inside their property.

There are also some security systems that focus on protecting sensitive and highly classified documents, preventing possible cases of cyberattacks that might be the cause of breaches of confidential information. Security systems specializing in data management can also help with the protection of the personal information of clients.

Save on Insurance

Some insurance companies give discounts to people and businesses that invest in security systems. Security systems ensure that a business is always secure and monitored.

Investing in security systems early can prevent many kinds of extra expenses like possible thefts, property damage, and legal charges that can all be prevented when found out in advance.

Customer Confidence and Company Reputation

When a customer sees that a business has security systems protecting their merchandise, they will be more confident in the quality of products or work that the company provides. Some customers and clients take into consideration the way companies value their employees. Seeing security systems will show that a company believes that they are responsible for the safety of all their employees.

When word goes out that your company keeps your employees secured and safe, it can act as publicity, improving your company’s reputation and making your overall image to clients, customers, and other possible partners a better one.

5 Questions To Ask Before Choosing A Security System

Now that you’ve been briefed about security systems, it’s time to think about what you want to ask your provider before choosing one.

Whether you have a small restaurant, a large office, or a grocery, the right security system will go a long way in making your customers feel secure, enhancing the safety of your employees, securing your assets, and more. To help you, here are some questions to ask before choosing a security system. Read on.

How can my security needs be solved with a security system?

A security system is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Depending on your security needs, you might need some features more than others. At Elid, we offer a wide array of options that can make your building much safer!

For example, if you’re looking to upgrade your manual locks into electronic ones, you will benefit from having a door access system! This way, you can better control the entry and exit of people in a restricted area through the use of access cards.

If you’re having trouble screening the number of people in the lobby and want to see the visiting history of your guests, the best choice is the visitor management system. It compiles the picture of the visitor and their ID and can provide visitor cards that only allow limited access to a building. Elid also has a smart gate, lift access, intrusion alarm, vehicle access systems, and other systems for added security performance

How long has the security system supplier been in operation?

If you’re interested in a specific product or service, another important thing you should ask is the experience of the supplier.

From consultation, inspection, installation, and after-sales service—whether you need a simple or a complex security system, a company with years of experience in the industry can make the whole process much easier. A supplier that has spent more time in the business can better help you find the right solution to your problems.

If you’re looking for a reputable supplier in the Philippines, you can trust Elid! We are a reliable manufacturer of security systems since 1989. With continuous in-house research and development, we have been creating original and innovative products for affordable prices.

How is the security system accessed?

The next question is how the security system is accessed. For example, the Matrix V systems can be monitored and managed from any of your workstations connected through a TCP/IP/Local/Wide Area Network or over the Internet. Mobile solutions are one of the must-haves because these allow you to modify restrictions or see real-time CCTV footage through the internet.

If you’re looking for cloud-based security solutions, they’re available at Elid. All you need is a mobile application so you can control and view the Intrusion Alarm, Access Control, and CCTV Surveillance from your smartphone wherever you are.

How are you notified of an incident?

A security system is helpful if it can help you respond fast to incidents. This way, you have a higher chance of capturing the culprit or taking back an asset that was stolen.

Some security systems have a built-in intrusion alarm system to help you respond to incidents faster. The Matrix V Systems, for example, can send alert messages if a security breach occurs in your building. This could be a forced door or a tampered device. You will be given information regarding the last area accessed so you can implement a response such as contacting the police or sealing nearby exits.

How is software upgraded and updated?

Keeping your software updated is important because you want your security system to work in the best condition possible. Using an outdated system can be stressful because of bugs, glitches, or outdated software. That’s why before you purchase a product or a service from a supplier, this is the question you can’t forget to ask.

In Elid, software updates are consistently rolled out. A cloud-based security solution such as Mirage 2 Smart Security System can be upgraded automatically without your participation.


Introduction to ELID’s Integrated Security Systems

Investing in security systems is one way to make your business safer with the level and diversity of security that it can provide. When investing in security systems, it is important that you have the high-quality products and services.

ELID is a trusted manufacturer of integrated security systems and security access control that has been in the industry since 1989. They specialize in building security systems that involve Electronic Identification. Their first product was a single-door access controller with a magnetic reader and a DOS-based PC software. Also known as the EL2000, it became a best seller in numerous Southeast Asian countries.

Since then, ELID has diversified their products while keeping in tune with what they specialize in. ELID offers a diverse range of integrated security systems that could be considered as staples to modern day businesses.

ELID has a number of products and solutions that will solve your security needs.

Invest in ELID’s Integrated Security Systems Today!

If you are to invest in a security system, choose ELID. ELID has been consistently manufacturing quality security systems for over 20 years. We have established ourselves as one of the best security system manufacturers in all of Southeast Asia.

Our wide range of products will give you many options for securing anything from your physical equipment and office space, video surveillance of your property, and even attendance tracking systems.

Invest in ELID’s security systems now to ensure the safety and protection of for your business!

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