iLock Accessories

    iLock Gateway

    COMMUNICATION HUB: It works as a link between the wireless locks and iVIEW software for lockers.
    MAX.ELEMENTS: It manages up to 175 locker locks.
    HIGH DISTANCE COVERAGE: It covers an area extension of 40-50 metres.
    OUTDOORS: It is suitable for outdoors / indoors.
    KEYBOARD: It has a keyboard for basic parameter configuration.

    iLock RFID Card Encoder/Reader

    CONTACTLESS: By approaching the card/bracelet to the encoder.
    READ/ENCODE: It allows reading and encoding the compatible card/bracelets
    ILUMINATION: Led illuminated front case.
    BEEP: indicating the correct or incorrect tag encoding.

    Infoterminal or Information Point

    CONTACTLESS: By approaching a card/ bracelet to the infoterminal.
    INFORMATIVE: It shows the locker number taken by the user or free in case there is no locker occupied.