Contactless Temperature Measurement Solutions

Contactless Temperature Measurement Solutions

    ThermoTrak 1: Body Temperature Detection

    Temperature Screening

    Built-in high-precision mini 24-hour dynamic infrared body temperature monitor

    Non-contact Temperature Measurement

    Detection distance is 1cm to 20cm and detection height can be customized

    High-end Components

    High accuracy, stable performance, reliable quality and high configuration infrared detector

    Modular Component Design

    Can be used alone or integrated in different equipment and instruments to achieve temperature measurement functions

    Metal Material

    The case is made of durable and not easily deformed or damaged metal



    ThermoTrak 2: Body Temperature Detection Face Recognition Terminal

    Infrared Precise Temperature Detection

    Precisely detect temperature, binocular seizing, and live face detection

    High Capacity User and Logs

    3000 faces and 1,000,000 logs

    Access Control Function

    Professional access control with Wiegand input and output

    Attendance Function

    Support USB Flash Driver Download for the excel files of detailed temperature detection record and attendance report

    Communication Method

    Standard TCP/IP, WiFi and USB

    ThermoTrak 3: Body Temperature Detection & CCTV Surveillance


    Smart Fever Detection Camera (Thermal Sensor integrated CCTV camera) provides an optimum solution for fever detection to stop the spread of the virus at an early age.

    All-in-one Camera: Fever detection sensor + Real image sensor

    Easy and simple fever detection solution with one camera

    Display body temperature and send alarm notification for fever detection

    Max 2 x ROI (Region of Interest) area setting for fever detection

    Smart NVR supports smart video search by fever temperature

    ThermoTrak 4: Body Temperature Measurement Solution

    Frequency 50Hz, Gigabit network: Support temperature data transmitting real-time

    Autofocus, fast and precise temperature measuring

    Spot/line/area/isotherm analysis tools, simpler more flexible to retrieve temperature data

    Compact size: Easily install in small space

    Support multi-protocols: TCP, UDP, ICMP, DHCP, RTSP

    Patented intelligent compensated temperature measurement algorithm: Accuracy of ± 0.3 °C