eLinTRAK Linen Tag

eLinTRAK (UHF) Linen Tags have been specifically designed to identify linen and textile products to meet the tracking requirements of the laundry industry in terms of shape, robustness and ease of fixation. It uses a very small UHF device coupled to a sewed secondary antenna made of an innovative and flexible thread.

Key Benefits

  • Specifically designed for linen products
  • Resistant to harsh laundry environments
  • Easily affix onto textile items
  • Excellent read performance

Additional Information

eLinTRAK (UHF) is easily affixed to textile products using a standard sewing or patching process. It can also be sewed along the edge of the item or incorporated into the hem.

eLinTRAK (UHF) can be read at distances over 3 meters when used in conjunction with AseTraK fixed and portable UHF RFID Reading Stations.

  • Automate operational processes inside the laundry
  • Accelerate and improve the accuracy of information flows between the laundry and its customers
  • Provide reliable status on linen availability at laundries and end-user sites
  • Offer a new range of clients services such as loss prevention and real-time storage management



860 to 960 Mhz

Operating Mode


Tag Dimensions

Standard (+/-5%): 20 x 59 mm

(0.78 x 2.32 in)

Tag Thickness

2,1 mm (0.082 in) (on chip location

only; rest of tag is <0.08 mm (0.03 in)


Linen or garment: typical 10 feet (3m)

Storage Temperature

21°C (+/-10°C), 69.8°F (+/-50°F)

(22°C, 50% RH)


Operating Protocol

IEPC global UHF Class 1 Gen 2,

ISO 18000-63


Monza 5

User Memory

32 bits

Data Retention

50 years


UHF Module

Encapsulated chip, epoxy


Multi threads, woven, stainless steel

Fabric Label





Encapsulated chip, epoxy

Multi threads, woven, stainless steel




Delivered in units. Can also be sold inside a white pouch with a printed logo.


Laundry Cycle Performance


Maximum Temperature

220°C (428°F) / 30 seconds/


2.5 bars (36.28 PSI)

Tunnel Washer

90°C (194°F) / 15 minutes

Pre-drying in Tumbler

160°C (320°F) / 30 minutes

Tunnel Finisher

185°C (365°F) / 30 minutes

Sterilization Process

134°C (273°F) / 20 minutes

Water Extractor Press

60 bars*


200 cycles or 3 years