Core Systems

ELID Integrated Security Management Solutions (ISMS) is integrated with core systems fit for different security requirements.

See ELID Access Control Systems.

Visitor Management System

Visitor registration & management is a paramount concern for every intelligent building or facility. Each day scores of visitor pass through the entrances to your facility. Having the ability to screen and track them can contribute substantially to the safety and protection of your organizational™s employees and property. Using ELID™s Visitor Management System helps you in automating this operation quickly, easily and accurately.

Smart Gates System

Lift Access System

Lift Access system add another level of security for any facility to heighten their security protection. It restricts only authorized personnel to have access to the lift and even to the particular floors minimizing external threats.


EL2305L is a powerful, scalable, and exible lift access system that plays an integral part to enhance the overall security system of any commercial or residential building.

ELID offers 4 models of lift access system with oor selection function as follows:
EL-2305-L16 – Designed for lifts serving up to 16 floors
EL-2305-L32 – Designed for lifts serving up to 32 floors
EL-2305-L48 – Designed for lifts serving up to 48 floors
EL-2305-L64 – Designed for lifts serving up to 64 floors

All models comprise two robust steel enclosures that house the main controller and power supply unit and a door selection board with associated relays and power supply unit.

The ELID EL2300 series includes door access, car-park access, time attendance and lift access systems. They are compatible at the card level and at the communication bus level. This means that the same card can be used in all equipment and all equipment in the series can be interconnected as a network to a central computer (access management server).

The basic configuration of EL2305L consists of a Reader Unit, a Controller Unit, and a Floor Selection Unit. The Reader Unit, which is installed in the lift car, reads ID cards presented by the lift users. The Controller Unit houses the CPU and associated electronics. The Floor Selection Unit consists of interface electronics and relays for linking to the floor selection buttons of the lift.

A person intending to use the lift must present his card to the Reader Unit, and based on his ID number, the Lift Access System will grant access to thefloors he is entitled to go to by activating relays corresponding to those floors. The EL-2305-L16 has 16 relay outputs and can therefore serve up to 16 floors. The EL-2305-L64 is expandable and can be equipped with up to 64 relays to
serve up to 64 floors.


  • Backlit 2×20-character LCD display and 16-key keypad
  • Reader support: Magnetic, Bar Code, EM/HID Proximity, Mifare, Biometric devices
  • Up to 2,700 card users and 2,000 offline transactions
  • 24 timers and 10 time zones
  • Provide Dual Card feature
  • Card, Card + PIN, PIN
  • Communication Interface: Multi-drop

Door Access System

The security and safety of employees and assets are enhanced by controlling of the entry and exit of people in a restricted area. Elid provides a wide range of card readers or biometric devices in the access control application to meet different security protection.

Time & Attendance System

An electronic system which records the clocking in and out of employees to automatically generate time attendance reports. The clocking data can be used for integration with third party payroll software. Elid provides a full suite of hardware, software and interfacing units for time management function.

Vehicle Access Control System

Vehicle Access System enables the employees or tenants of the premises to access to the parking area with registered access card. ELID provides short to long range reader to meet customer requirement.

Guard Tour System

Intrusion Alarm System