AseTrak View

AseTrak View is an RFID-based platform enabling real-time inventory over linen identification and verification. AseTrak View is an innovative and proven technology platform combining RFID tags, equipment, software suites and services, to efficiently identify, track and monitor linen, increase financial gains through reduced operational costs, optimize stock movements and purchases, and improve customer satisfaction. Asset and linen data is collected, stored, analyzed, and acted on, in real-time, from the RFID-enabled equipment. AseTrak View enables to transform the RFID data into rich, interactive dashboards and reports, providing a comprehensive and real-time overview of your linen stocks by article reference or individual items, per zones in your facility and at customer sites. AseTrak View allows you to significantly improve linen life-cycle management, optimize washing schedules, anticipate deliveries, identify lost or misplaced items and manage cage assets as well.


Processor: Intel Core i7 or higher

Memory: 8GB RAM

Hard Disk: 1TB SSD


OS: Windows 10 64 bit

  • SQL Database
  • Windows Server



Processor: Intel i3 or higher

Memory: 8GB RAM

Hard Disk: 500GB


OS: Windows 10 64 bit


• Monitor linen count and location

• Prevent linen loss and leakage

• Manage in-house and outsource laundry operation with total accuracy

• Real time inventory count information of clean and dirty linens in all locations

• Control, manage and track linen’s wash cycles and discarding

• Enable fast and accurate linen audits, eliminating manual task and human errors

• Reduce time and cost to manage linen & uniforms

• Ensure linen rotation to prevent spread of infection in hospitality and health fields

• Lowers labor costs

Solution Components