7 Benefits Of Having Smart Gates

7 Benefits Of Having Smart Gates

Published on : April 16, 2021

What are the benefits of having smart gates?

  1. Complete entrance restriction
  2. Efficiency in crowd control
  3. Improved customer service
  4. Professional impression
  5. Versatility in numerous applications
  6. Customizable features
  7. Long life expectancy


If you’re familiar with LRT and MRT stations, you should know how the turnstile system in the Philippines work. Only those with special keycards can enter the loading bay area, so outsiders need to buy them beforehand. Can you imagine if these mass transportation hubs didn’t have these physical barriers? Each passenger would have to be verified by staff. Some of the riders would even attempt to bypass this process by taking advantage of the large crowd. But with a smart gate system, these problems can be avoided. If you’re interested in smart gates benefits, keep on reading!

Complete Entrance Restriction

Complete Entrance Restriction

If you have a high volume of traffic going in and out of your establishment, a smart gate is a proven and tested solution to enhance entrance restriction. Whether it’s the office, condominium, or train station, this lessens the labor needed to be done by your employees.

This is because the smart gate will only allow one person to enter after authorization is granted—whether it’s through access cards or boarding passes. After that, the barrier or turnstile would automatically lock and wait for the next person. That’s why unauthorized individuals will have no choice but to buy a ticket or turn around and go home.

Efficiency In Crowd Control

A smart gate system can also help you manage not just a few people but also large crowds. For this reason, it is typically utilized for event places and concert grounds. Otherwise, the staff who would check the tickets manually would be injured by a stampede of excited fans during a concert or any live event.

But with a smart gate, the flow of visitors can be monitored through software. That’s why aside from concert grounds which have limited seats, it is also often used in amusement parks. This way, the employees can track the number of people coming in and prevent overcrowding.

Improved Customer Service

Because you have an idea about the number of visitors coming to your establishment, it would also help you tweak some business processes to improve customer service. For example, if you notice a low number of customers at some hours of the day, you can promote happy hour discounts or host special events. On the other hand, for peak hours you can assign more staff to assist guests.

Other than that, smart gates also offer a better experience for customers when checking in. The queue is shorter thanks to flap barriers with 1 second opening times and the interaction with staff is also reduced. Compared to that, manual checking of tickets or boarding passes will make it a laborious process for both staff and guests.

Professional Impression

Smart gates also give the impression of professionalism to your customers. For example, countries such as Dubai utilize this entrance control system in their airport. Because not all international transportation hubs feature this option, it makes their facility more technologically advanced than others.

Instead of manually checking in, passengers can use their authorized ID to quickly pass through the passport control process. This brings convenience while also enhancing security in an airport, which is attractive to future customers as well.

Versatility In Numerous Applications

Versatility In Numerous Applications

With all these benefits thoroughly explored, who can use smart gate systems? While these can typically be found in large facilities such as concert grounds, airports, amusement parks, and train stations, they can also be used in building lobbies with limited spaces. That’s why if you need this entrance control system to monitor and track entry in your business, it is possible too.

This is because smart gates are also available in slim and compact versions. For example, you can opt for ELID’s SlimLane 944 because it has a minimal footprint. It can be combined with other models from the same line if you need to expand operations in the future. That’s why it is used by banks, insurance companies, government buildings, schools, and offices.

Customizable Features

Because smart gates can be used in numerous applications, that means that depending on the establishment, additional customizations may be necessary. Fortunately, ELID’s barriers can be integrated with your main security system. For example, with software such as Matrix V, you can use it with intrusion alarm monitoring to notify you whether a troublemaker is forcing entry without a keycard.

Aside from that, a visitor management system will also be useful if you want to personalize each access card with the details from the user such as identification photo and name. If needed, features such as face recognition and fingerprint detection can also be used.

Long Life Expectancy

Because smart gates can be customized with additional features anytime, your business can benefit from their use for a long time. Instead of replacement, the software could be upgraded depending on your changing needs.

But aside from the software, the physical barriers are also tough and durable too! For example, the Slimlite 960 Barrier Optical Turnstiles come with a 2-year warranty and minimal maintenance required. Aside from that, its EGRESS operating mode is also compliant with fire safety standards.

Key Takeaway

If you’re still hesitating whether or not to install a turnstile or a swing barrier in your establishment, these smart gates’ benefits will help you see the advantages they can bring to your business! This is because aside from keeping your property safe from outsiders, it can also bring numerous customer service benefits that can bring in more sales.

That’s why if you need your own smart gate with features customized to your needs, you can contact ELID! As the trusted provider of security solutions in the country, they can help you find the right software and physical barriers for your establishment.