3 Safest Budget Home Security Systems

3 Safest Budget Home Security Systems

Published on : March 14, 2019

What are the safest budget home security systems?

  1. XPass D2
  2. BioStation A2
  3. FaceStation 2


Biometrics in the Philippines has not only improved the safety of offices but of houses as well. Many home security systems try to incorporate the latest technologies and only a few of them can provide top-notch security. Here are three of the safest security systems you can get when you’re on a budget:


XPass D2

XPass D2

RFID technology has taken the world by storm when it comes to efficiency and snappy information storage and reading without the need for any physical contact. This type of technology has made its way into security systems. And if you’re looking for the best compact RFID door locking solution, the XPass D2 is the best one out there. This compact outdoor RFID reader is filled with Suprema’s top-notch RFID technology.

The XPass D2 features dual-frequency RFID card technology making it capable of supporting both low-frequency and high-frequency RFID. One of the highlights of this system is that it supports almost every type of RFID cards.

You can even access this control system using your smartphone. That means that your smartphone will be your key to access you’re the XPass D2 as a door locking system. Compatible with both iOS and Android, accessing the XPass D2 with your phone involves the use of your phone’s Bluetooth.

The beauty of the XPass D2 lies in its simplicity. Technology doesn’t have to be complicated at all. What the XPass D2 achieves is total user convenience, efficiency, and enhanced security. The XPass D2 comes in two different designs: The Mullion-type and the Gangbox-type. The Mullion-type design is perfect for narrow spaces, while the Gangbox-type is wider. The Gangbox-type may come with a keypad.

The exterior casing the XPass D2 is dust, water, and vandal proof. It provides superior protection against any harsh outdoor environmental elements. Its impact resistance casing also protects it from any vandals who are trying to break in and attempting to destroy the XPass D2.


BioStation A2

BioStation A2

When it comes to biometrics in the Philippines, it’s difficult to top the BioStation A2 from Suprema. It’s one of the most advanced security systems one could get. The BioStation A2 is equipped with features that are way ahead of its time. With one of the most secure fingerprint scanners in the security system market, you can never go wrong with the BioStation A2.

The BioStation A2 is truly a thing of the future; it can distinguish fraudulent attempts to compromise the system, such as fake fingerprints. This is why the BioStation A2 is a world-class security system. Unlike OC4 sensors that much older biometric door locking systems in the Philippines use, the BioStation A2 makes use of a new OP5 sensor, greatly reducing the error capture rate. This biometric security system also comes with an enlarged sensing area introducing advanced processing features such as distortion comprehension, noise reduction, and adaptive gain control; all of which aid in improving the capture rate in a variety of environmental circumstances.

Equipped with a massive 8-gigabyte memory, the BioStation A2 can store up to 500,000 users, 5,000,000 text logs, and 50,000 image logs. By far, Suprema’s products, especially the BioStation A2 has the largest capacity in the market. The live finger detection is an all-new system in the biometric market; what this essentially does is improve the finger scanning accuracy like no other security system out there.

The BioStation A2 comes equipped with one of the best biometric system cameras. A 2-megapixel wide-angle camera is one of its key features for capturing high-resolution photos for face capture data. This is paired with a 5-inch IPS LCD touch screen digital display. The screen is made of reinforced glass to ensure that it can withstand environmental elements and to optimize visibility. The user-friendly Android-based interface ensures that any customers won’t have any difficulty getting around the system.

Due to its high-capacity memory, lightning quick performance, and unparalleled security features, the BioStation A2 is one of the best security systems to get to keep unwanted visitors away from your home.


FaceStation 2

FaceStation 2

When one talks about door locking systems in the Philippines, many wouldn’t expect to mention facial recognition systems. But today, the technology of facial recognition has made this system highly-secure and one of the most reliable forms of security systems and biometric authentication systems in the world.

When you want to install a leading facial recognition security system, best go for the FaceStation 2. The FaceStation 2 is the most advanced facial recognition system in the world. Equipped with a cutting-edge terminal, the world’s best security features can be found in this fascinating machine. Totally futuristic and incorporated with the latest innovations, the FaceStation 2 is unparalleled compared to its competitors.

The FaceStation 2 has changed the landscape of facial recognition security systems. With the patented optic engineering of Suprema, the FaceStation 2 can achieve up to 25,000 lx of operating illuminance, this makes facial scanning easy in spite of any lighting condition. To put it plainly, the FaceStation 2 can operate in any lighting condition.

The FaceStation’s powerhouse is a 1.4GHz quad-core CPU and is equipped with a memory capacity that is capable of retaining up to 30,000 users, 50,000 image logs, and 5,000,000 text logs. The infrared scanners make for an enhanced safety feature to combat fraudulent activities and those planning to break-in via misidentification.

Highly secure and equipped with the most advanced facial recognition technology, homes, offices, and commercial spaces will be kept safe from intruders with the latest FaceStation 2. Nothing can compare to this on the market.


Key Takeaway

Securing your home is one of the most important things in the world for homeowners. Implying the latest security systems will ensure that your beloved home will keep trespassers away. Technology has come a long way to ensure everyone’s safety. Taking advantage of these and updating your old analog systems would be the best way to stay more than 100% safe.