Security Features Every Modern Office Should Have

3 Security Features Every Modern Office Should Have

Published on : June 4, 2018

What security features should every modern office have?

  1. Keyless entry system
  2. Phone access control systems
  3. Warnings and alarms


It is your job to protect your place of business as well as all of the assets within it as an employer or a business owner. Choosing the best form of security for your building and attendance monitoring systems in the Philippines requires obtaining the right characteristics, design, and equipment investments.

It seems today that certain kinds of buildings simply attract disproportionate amounts of thefts, burglaries, and vandalism. In fact, there seems to be an increase in break-ins that have targeted small businesses and office buildings.

The reason for this increase might be because potential burglars assume that just because a small building or any other office building is small, it would not be protected or secure. Criminals might believe that they would be able to get away faster and it will be easier to “hit and run” because there would be no alarms to trip or guards to encounter.

As a business owner or manager, you have a lot of responsibilities when it comes to managing an office building or running your business. Because crime rates are steadily increasing, another responsibility falls on your shoulders: giving security to employees, their belongings, and the supplies and equipment within your business. In order to help you achieve this goal, here are three security features that every modern office should have.

Keyless entry system

Keyless entry system

Not just anybody should be able to walk through the doors of your offices or facilities. Therefore, one of the most effective forms of lock security you can employ is a keyless entry system. Locks, while simple and reliable, can be picked; physical keys can be copied and shared. Traditional security mechanisms like locks and key do not allow for much control in your security.

Keyless entry systems, on the other hand, require different kinds of “keys”. These systems often make use of electronic cards or numeric codes as a way to gain entry. These systems and devices are controlled intelligently and can offer a degree of control and monitoring that is unparalleled.

Once you install these systems in your office or workplace, you can pre-program your doors to be opened or locked to your preference. This way, you can eliminate the whole process of having to lock and open your doors manually altogether. Keyless entry systems can also hold specific kinds of instructions such as what time of the day or night are employees allowed to enter or which employees can access certain areas or supply cabinets in the office.

These systems can also be updated easily in order to comply with your ever-changing work environment. For example, as a manager, you can almost immediately change or erase the access privileges of an employee in the event of a change in roles, termination, etc. By installing and making use of these systems, not only can you improve the safety in your workplace, you can even reduce some costs.


Phone access control systems

You can add a level of security that almost every kind of workplace needs through the use of phone access control systems. This is a more complicated form of keyless entry technology. These devices are also controlled intelligently and can still include a keyless entry system such as an electronic card or a numeric code, but with the addition of a call button.

Using these systems, you can link the computer, cellular device, or desk phone of your receptionist through the network so that they can be given access to various forms of security technology. Not only does this provide you with extra security and is more convenient for all of your employees, it is especially helpful for the employee who will be running the system itself.

You can enjoy the benefits of a security technology with a personal touch using these phone systems. It also gives you some leeway in the event of a downtime with your systems because with these phone systems, not all of the responsibility in security falls on the electronic equipment.

 Warnings and alarms

Warnings and alarms

Every office and place of business need proper warning systems and security alarms. These systems have long protected many businesses and have helped prevent instances of cargo and retail theft by warning the staff of potential emergencies or threats. They can also help in the event of an emergency or disaster situation by providing loud, audible alerts that work as safety instructions.

Most of these alarm and warning systems can be attached to different kinds of doors within your premises. Motion detectors can be used to protect products or equipment from being stolen or prevent the unauthorized use of emergency door exits. Not only can this office security technology improve safety, it can reduce accident and fraud costs as well.


Key Takeaway

There is so much security technology available right now in the Philippines like attendance monitoring systems that can protect the employees and equipment of your office building. No matter how large or small your business is, at the very least, these systems can help prevent crime.

As with any other business decision though, the more information available and the more research you do, the easier it will be to find the best security feature to get the job done.