Features of Maple: Access Control System

Features of Maple: Access Control System

Published on : October 7, 2021

What are some features of the Maple access control system?

  1. Comprehensive access control
  2. Detailed real-time reporting
  3. Multiple platform availability
  4. Encryption protected and easy to use

Having access control is a highly effective choice for the security of the company. It keeps you informed of the activity within the building and it enhances security, as only selected people have access to the company based on their responsibilities. However, a full-fledged access control system is often out of reach for smaller businesses. MAPLE is a cloud-based access control system made for small businesses.

The features of the MAPLE access control system enable smaller companies to authorize and monitor the entry and exit of employees to the premises. Check them out below.

Comprehensive Access Control

As with any access control system, MAPLE performs its responsibilities in authorizing entry and exit, overseeing door status, and analyzing the movement within the company premises. The user will log in to Maple Core through a web browser. This is where the main control of the system happens.

MAPLE uses a card database with controllers to manage employee profiles. The system also utilizes timers and time zones to automatically regulate access to specific areas in certain time ranges. This way even holidays can be programmed in the system to easily restrict entry during that day.

The user can easily check the status of any door, seeing if it’s locked, closed, or open. Of course, you can always send specific orders and parameters for any door in the system. You may keep it locked or unlocked at all times, or unlock it for a short time then lock it after. You can also implement any other specifics you would like to lay down. Because of its detail-oriented design, you would have better control over company access.

Each transaction is recorded in a log that you can always check. These reports are fully detailed, showing the time and date, card number, employee name, transaction type, and others.
The system also has an employee tracking feature, where attendance records can be found. You may also assign daily schedules to employees using the duty roster function.

Detailed Real-Time Reporting

MAPLE also lets you have a real-time reporting experience. All transactions are immediately reported and available for access. You will promptly receive any abnormal events that may happen.

Using the same system, you can track the attendance of your employees through door transactions. Since you have the necessary information, you can easily track what time they arrived, what time they left, and where they went within the premises.

Maple View can be accessed through your web browser. It shows the map of your premises with the status of each door shown accordingly. From here, you may also remotely control the access to each door through this view. The card database is shown in a more visual manner instead of looking like tabulated data. All the relevant information is available here and it provides an intuitive assessment.

Maple View gives you a better visualization of the system’s features. Its use is recommended for those who prefer a more visual interface.

Multiple Platform Availability

Multiple Platform Availability

MAPLE access control system is available on both web browsers, such as Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, and on mobile. The eMirage app for Android shows you the same map from Maple view. This means that you can monitor and control door status remotely, or on compatible mobile devices.

You will also receive notifications for abnormal events directly to your phone, keeping you updated even when on the go. The card database is also accessible from the app, and you may still manage your sites too.

The eTime app, on the other hand, would automatically process attendance records. It also has a complete list of your subordinates, and you may apply for a leave through the app itself. It also has a chart view feature where you can view your attendance summary per month in a pie chart.

Encryption-Protected and Easy to Use

MAPLE is protected by advanced proprietary encryption and industrial standard SSL or Secure Sockets Layer. This ensures that communication between your devices and the cloud is secure.

It is also designed to be easy to learn and use, with particular regard to user experience. As a cloud-based system, it only needs a network and a browser to access. There is no need to install any process-heavy PC software to manage. The stand-alone access control doesn’t need an entire team to manage. Using MAPLE wouldn’t be a challenge to you, but rather it offers ample intuitiveness for faster training and utility.

Key Takeaway

The MAPLE access control system provides many advanced and practical features for your company’s access control needs. Small businesses without IT departments would be able to gain almost the same level of control as larger companies do.

With this system, both your company’s security and attendance tracking would be in good hands. It is easy to use enough for any small office owner to manage along with their other responsibilities. To learn more about this product, feel free to check out this page or send ELID a message with your inquiries here!