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What Are The 6 Advantages of Having a Door Access System?

Published on : November 25, 2020

What are the advantages of having a door access system?

  1. No need for old-school keys
  2. Know where everybody goes
  3. Faster response to emergencies
  4. Upgrade operations
  5. Opportunity for cost-reduction
  6. Future-proof your system


Do you struggle with lost keys? Every time you or your employees lose one, you have to call a reliable locksmith to change the locks for you. That takes a lot of time and money. Or maybe you worry that physical locks are not enough to protect your establishment. A thief may come at night to steal valuable items and information and you have no way of knowing who did it. We recommend taking a look at the advantages of a door access system to give you an idea of how you can solve these problems. Read on to know more!


No Need for Old-School Keys

With the latest door access system, you can issue cards instead of keys. This means that if someone lost a card you can easily replace it with a new card without fear of an outsider being able to use the old card. You can easily cancel the access to that lost card so it won’t work anymore.

With traditional keys, you have to replace the locks to keep your establishment safe. Keys are also easy to duplicate which may provide an opportunity for trouble makers.

If an employee forgot their key at home and no one else is at the office you can easily let them in by using the system provided. There is no need for them to go home to get the card which can only lead to time wasted.


Know Where Everybody Goes

Know Where Everybody Goes

With a door access system, you can easily track who comes and goes. You can assign personal information to the access cards to keep a virtual record of login and log out. That means you know the details of who enters and what time they came in through a specific door.

With this, you can also restrict access to other rooms. This means that a visitor access card cannot provide entry to more important and confidential rooms.


Faster Response to Emergencies

Just like any other access control system, it can enhance the safety of your establishment. It can be useful in emergencies and theft or break-ins. Because you have the details of the cardholder on the access cards you can easily know who was in the area at the time of the incident.

It is also easy to counter-check this with CCTV footage because you have a record of the time and location where it happened. You can just select the footage for the specific room and skip to the recorded time.

In emergencies, you know exactly the number of people you need to evacuate which makes it easier for rescuers to find the people inside an establishment. Because you can access all this information in the cloud, you can show it via your mobile phone without having to go in.


Upgrade Operations

Door access control - woman hand holding white mockup key card t

A door access system can change the way you manage your employees. You can integrate this feature with attendance keeping. Instead of manual log-ins and log-outs, an access card can just be tapped to record time ins and time outs. You can also know the time used for lunch and bathroom breaks.

This system can also be used in addition to a visitor management system. When you register a guest at the lobby, your personnel can give them access cards that can allow entry to general areas such as the cafeteria, lobby, and which office they set their appointment. A security guard can track their activity within the premises and respond easily when they try to access restricted areas.


Opportunity for Cost Reduction

Because you can easily monitor what rooms are used by people, you can also manage the use of utilities such as electricity and water. You can instruct your personnel to check what rooms are not in use and turn off all computers, lights, and air-conditioning systems.

Other expenses you can save on are the costs of buying new keys and locks every few months and lost or stolen valuables.


Future Proof Your System

security door with the key card.

More and more businesses are switching to electronic and digital access control systems nowadays. Technology is always advancing and new components are always being added. If you decide to invest in one, you don’t have to worry about missing out on future changes because the software is easy to upgrade. You can have the same hardware requirements and still update your system to have the latest features.


Key Takeaway

If you want to experience the advantages of door access systems in your establishment, do not hesitate to contact us. Our system can be keyed-in by access cards and PINs, so you can manage where your people go, respond faster to emergencies, upgrade your operations, reduce your costs, and future-proof your system.

If you are looking for other options, we also have systems for smart energy savings, hotel lock, visitor management, smart gates, lift access, time and attendance system, intrusion alarm, vehicle access, guard tour, anti-tailgate, and automatic number plate recognition.

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