Ensure That Vehicles Are Secured with Parking Systems in the Philippines

Ensure That Vehicles Are Secured with Parking Systems in the Philippines

Published on : October 26, 2018

How do parking systems ensure the security of vehicles?

  1. Parking systems are organized and easy to implement
  2. They can be integrated with other security systems
  3. Improves parking environment



In recent years, there has only been two things that have been consistent in the Philippines: Terribly heavy traffic and a lack of parking spaces. It gets to a point where people would choose to illegally park their cars and trucks on roadsides, sometimes getting towed away in the process. That being said, esteemed establishments shouldn’t fall victim to such problems.

Parking systems in the Philippines are already being implemented by many establishments. And this has resulted in amazing feats, both in securing the vehicles of clients and customers, as well as promoting more organized parking and traffic management!

So far, there is a vast number of conventional parking spaces in the Philippines. These places are relatively spacious, however, they are sometimes occupied by other obstructions or even people. Of course, big establishments are different. Most of which would have already implemented door lock systems. In the Philippines, only establishments that are keen on increasing the security of their premises do this.

With that being said, parking spaces would usually be multi-floor buildings with designated parking spaces for specific people. These parking buildings provide a safe environment for all of its vehicles using a plethora of different technology. To enlighten you on the subject, here are a few points to take note of on how parking systems keep your vehicle secure!



Parking Systems Are Organized and Easy to Implement

Parking Systems Are Organized and Easy to Implement

Parking management systems vary in complexity and capability. For example, commercial areas that provide parking for potential customers such as shopping malls, hotels, or commerce centers use a parking management system that focuses on tracking down the number of parking slots remaining and most of the time, a payment system. The way that parking systems track down the free parking space is either through sensors directly above a parking slot or through the keycards given to the drivers upon entering.

The keycards also carry with them the data of when the car entered and their time of exit. Oftentimes being paired with a compulsory monetary payment—something that is common in most commercial areas.

For the parking areas of office buildings, they have an even bigger focus on security. Most of the time, the same system works, though without the payment option. Other parking systems in the Philippines make use of IDs that not only work for parking slot identification but also as the key to the door lock system! In the Philippines, these kinds of security measures aren’t necessarily as popular as they’re supposed to be.



They Can Be Integrated with Other Security Systems

It was mentioned that keycards used in the parking system can also be used for door lock systems—something that can be done because they are both a kind of access control system! With that being said, parking areas with integrated parking systems on them are well protected with these integrated security systems.

An establishment that has a multitude of security systems implemented within their office spaces, should inevitably install them in their parking spaces as well. This way, the vehicles of customers, clients, and employees are guarded!

Some of the security systems that can be integrated into parking systems for an even more secure and safer parking space are video surveillance systems and vehicle monitoring. They’re not essential for a secured parking area, but adding them will increase the amount of security that will be placed for your vehicles!



Improves Parking Environment

Improves Parking Environment

Aside from making vehicles more secure by integrating with other security systems and adding a way to keep track of your vehicle, parking systems also make the parking lot a bit more welcoming as an area. In most cases, parking lots are relatively tight places that, although they have their own lines and signs, are not respected by people. Open area parking lots are oftentimes incredibly messy with garbage here and there, while basement parking can be gloomy areas that are too tight for comfort.

Parking systems make everything as organized as possible. Alarms can trigger for vehicles that violate simple traffic rules or are just being rude in their demeanor (taking up the 2 parking slots, parking in a place where it isn’t allowed, and going against traffic rules and signs within the parking lot). To some places, installing parking systems might mean getting a renovation, because this security system needs space. It needs an equal amount of space for every parking slot so that it’s sensors won’t overlap with one another.



Key Takeaway

Whether you’re going to work, or simply going to shop in commercial centers, you’ll eventually live your vehicle in a parking slot. When that happens, you would usually worry, especially if there’s no kind of security even guarding it! That is why parking systems are now one of the most essential assets for establishments with parking lots! Keep your vehicle safe and prevent clients, customers, and/or employees from worrying!