4 Reasons Why You Should Use an Integrated Security System in the Philippines

4 Reasons Why You Should Use an Integrated Security System in the Philippines

Published on : September 25, 2018

What are the reasons for you to use integrated security systems?

  1. Your work environment becomes more secure
  2. You’ll have access to real-time monitoring
  3. You’ll get centralized security management
  4. You’ll have improved productivity


Security is something that should be prioritized by most companies. It is something that should be present in all establishments. In the Philippines, security systems are already considered as an essential part of any business. They provide various benefits for your business—and that’s not just through securing your place of work.

An integrated security system is a series of different security systems that work collectively to provide an elevated level of security. Some of the security systems that are usually included in one are the following: video surveillance, access control, attendance monitoring, biometrics, and alarm systems.

These individual security systems work together to provide seamless security, and control over your establishment. These integrated security systems are no longer a luxury, they should be considered a necessity for every company that values their employees!

With that being said, here are a few reasons why integrated security systems should be used by every business and establishment out there!



Your Work Environment Becomes More Secure

Installing security systems in and out of the workplace will definitely increase security in your establishment. In most cases, would-be criminals who spot places that are riddled with security cameras and electronic doors will get discouraged to do anything bad, while those who have the guts to continue will probably get stopped and caught immediately.

But security systems are not limited to preventing any sort of crime from the outside. They also lessen the chances of your employees doing the same thing. It’s hard to accept but there will always be the temptation of stealing from a company—money, products, time, and information are the most likely targets. With security systems that have your employees’ data at the ready, and a constant guard through video surveillance, you’ll be sure that none of your employees will ever fall to the temptation!


You’ll Have Access to Real-Time Monitoring 

You’ll Have Access to Real-Time Monitoring

Integrated security systems come in different packages. Some more capable than others. One thing that is almost always present, however, is the use of video surveillance and access control over the building they are implanted in. These two work hand in hand in ways that both increase security and track work throughout the establishment.

The work of employees, where they are, and what they are doing can easily be seen through the monitoring functionalities of security systems. With these, you’ll always be sure that your employees are doing something significant to their work during work hours.

Some integrated security systems would also have employee tracking systems that are capable of GPS tracking. This will be useful for the times that your employees have to go out of the office and meet clients through meetings and such. In cases of employees getting lost or emergency situations, this real-time monitoring feature can mean the difference between securing the employee or having to face the consequences of letting your employee go out on their own.



You’ll Get Centralized Security Management

The very basics of integrated security systems speak of the way multiple security systems work together to achieve an even more efficient and effective overall security. Instead of operating security systems individually, integrated security systems enable you to operate them on one mainframe! It saves a lot of time and effort when it comes to managing the data in those security systems.

They also make it easier for business operators to generate security reports because all of the relevant data is already stored in just one database. Integrated security systems add a layer of organization and ease of access to the diverse and usually separate security systems that are installed in establishments.



You’ll Have Improved Productivity

You’ll Have Improved Productivity

Although not one of the primary functions of integrated security systems in the Philippines, companies that usually implement these would find an increase in their overall productivity! This is usually the result of a safer working environment and stricter monitoring of work. With video surveillance and constant tracking software keeping tabs on the workload and performance of employees, most of them will strive to do better at their work!

Knowing that they are being watched can bring about the Hawthorne effect. This effect states that the fact that you are being watched leads to a slight improvement in performance. When employees are aware that they are being watched by their supervisors, managers, and video cameras in the office, they would usually have more reasons to bring out the best of what their abilities!



Key Takeaway

Integrated security systems offer a number of great benefits not just for the security of your business, but for the easier management and better productivity of your employees. With integrated security systems in the Philippines, you will not only increase the security of your workplace— but you’ll also bring about a safer environment for your employees, a place where they know that they are protected by their employer!