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8 Benefits of Biometric Face Recognition For Tracking Attendance

Published on : November 20, 2019

What are the benefits of tracking attendance with biometric face recognition?

  1. Automated time tracking system
  2. Error-free time and attendance tracking
  3. Extensive security
  4. Reduced contagion
  5. Reduced costs
  6. Time theft is eliminated
  7. Reduced incident of buddy punching
  8. Ease of operation


A face recognition attendance system uses biometric technology and identification verification based on the person’s facial characteristics. In simpler terms, a facial database with employee information recognizes when an employee clocks in or seeks access to a certain area of the building.

Fingerprints and facial biometrics are becoming increasingly popular for businesses because of the reliable results it yields. From the ease of integration to automated, error-free employee attendance tracking, here are some of the reasons why you should consider implementing facial biometrics in your system.

Automated Time Tracking System

The automation of time tracking means there will be no need for personnel to monitor the system during work hours. The system already registers clocks in and out as well as purposeful visits of employees to certain areas of the office. It simplifies time tracking using facial recognition and reports attendance, absences, and over time through the facial characteristics or identification process. The speed and accuracy of the registration allows the company to effectively automate other parts of the business such as salary and bonus computation.

Error-Free Time and Attendance Tracking

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Labor costing is reduced with the use of a biometric facial recognition system. It is the solution to many cases of fraud and buddy punching as well as human error. The tracking system allows you to discover the employees who are not being honest with the time of their clock in and out. With the fast and accurate recognition of the tracking system, human error is eliminated. Regardless of whether intentional or not, the issue of erroneous input time in and time out is eradicated.

Extensive Security

Aside from accurate identification of employee attendance, biometric face recognition also allows you to track visitors. Since the system only recognizes facial characteristics registered into the employee facial database, intruders will not have access to the premises of the building. If such an incident of breaching occurs, the facial recognition system can provide significant evidence for a security investigation. It can provide you with a scanned image of the intruder who was able to enter the premises.

Reduced Contagion

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Traditional attendance tracking systems require the need for physical intervention. A sick employee touching a biometric machine with unclean hands can result in a number of others getting infected as well. With this technological advancement, the incident of passing illness is eradicated.

Since the biometric facial recognition systems scan the image of the employee without any physical contact, contagious illnesses such as colds and viruses are eliminated. The ease of operation of the system allows the employees to be scanned and identified without the need to touch the surface of the system.

Reduced Costs

There is no need for additional capital once the biometric verification system is integrated. It can significantly cut upfront and investment costs as well as prevent loss due to fraud and incidents such as illegal entries. The benefit of reduced costs alone already saves money which drives profitability for the company.

Time Theft is Eliminated

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The digital audit trail of a biometric facial recognition system cannot be altered unless the main software is accessed. Proof of hours worked can only be viewed through the software integrated into the attendance database of the company. With that, there is no way for employees to change the time they clocked in or out. Conversely, the number of hours they spent on overtime is also regulated by the system.

Reduced Incident of Buddy Punching

Buddy punching is common in an office. Of course, it is natural for buddies in the office to save their co-workers from receiving notice for tardiness and absences. With a biometric facial recognition system in place, buddies cannot use their own face to punch in for others. The only way for employees to avoid tardiness is to be present in the office on time.

Ease of Operation

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A biometric facial recognition system allows employees to clock in without having to put their personal belongings down. They simply need to stand in front of the device and wait to be identified. Once the system recognizes their facial characteristics, their attendance is immediately recorded. Give your employees the ease of recording their attendance and entering the premises with minimal need for intervention.

Key Takeaway

Time and attendance tracking are made easier with a biometric system or facial recognition attendance system. In common terms, it maps out facial features from either a photograph or video based on the employee information database. The system can be applied to several commercial needs. From surveillance to, most importantly, tracking employee attendance.

Migrate your system to an automated facial recognition system to obtain benefits that can significantly increase overall productivity and reduce costs. The need to manually input clocks in or out and physical contact biometric attendance can be eliminated in favor of more advanced practices.