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With over 30 decades of expertise in our field, we continuously aim to provide the best in security for our loyal customers. Because we dabble in the business of Access Control, it only makes sense that we collaborated with SEO in the Philippines to reach out to those who would benefit the most from our innovations.

Although we have maintained our site for quite a long time, dating back to 2003, our SEO provider provided value that is like no other in the online community. As an international arm of the ELID name, we make it our mission to be the best in access control systems in the country. To do that, we have to be visible to our customers.

Here is how we did it with the help of SEO Hacker.

Overview of ELID Technology Intl., Inc.

To give you a brief look into who our team is, let’s start with our first product which is a single-door access controller along with a magnetic reader and a DOS-based PC software, and was first introduced back in February 1990. This began our advent into the Security Industry.

Even with a relatively unknown microprocessor chip by Motorola, this product became the main player in a number of South East Asian countries because it quickly became a best seller across the region.

Security Management Systems have been looked at as a preview of the future during the 90’s which is why we deliver these products to people. A slice of world-class innovation at their fingertips, all of which becomes very useful for the security of their business establishment and homes.

ELID’s latest integrated Security Management System, the “MATRIX” has the capability to support over 8000 doors and over a 100,000 input/output points. Soon after these historical events, countries such as Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Hong Kong, China, the Philippines, and other Asian countries have all worked to have a sole distributor in their respective counties.

We know that we are the best in the industry as evidenced by the continued support of the distributors who have been with ELID since the early nineties up to present. As a manufacturer, exporter, supplier, and installer of a full range of access control systems, we are showing no signs of slowing down and this is why we need to reach more providers in order to help them provide long-term stability to the customers that they serve.

Benefits of an SEO Investment

ELID is not the only business dabbling into SEO and with good reason. Optimizing for the web means that you care enough to be loyal to your users because you would want to cater to their needs at a quick pace. For a technological company such as ELID, it would be the best step to use digital marketing as our extension to engage with our customers. There is much information on the web that will tell you about the benefits of SEO but frankly, these are just surface value. What you would want are results and you can see what those results look like by looking at our SEO journey below.  

Empowered by SEO Hacker

With our vision to be a world-renowned provider of Electronic Identification systems, ELID is still pushing to add to the 10 million users of its products worldwide. As an established name in the market, what more can we gain from SEO in the Philippines, right? Well, a lot. Especially since our online presence hasn’t been gaining traction since it was developed in 2003.

Search engines are the new online market, with new users seeking information with a tap, a click, or a swipe on their smartphone. Our company is continually finding ways to increase our visibility for our users and SEO is the way to go.

We started optimizing our site with SEO Hacker with Filipino motivational and leadership speaker, Sean Si, back in May of 2018 and honestly, the results are just impeccable. As a manufacturer, exporter, supplier, and installer of a full range of access control, door access, biometric, ATM access, and other integrated security systems, these are the keywords that they have recommended for our SEO and as you can see, it performed significantly in the search engine pages:

Keyword Rank at Starting Date Rank at Present Date
Attendance Monitoring System Philippines 50th 1st
Access Control Philippines 10th 1st
Security Systems Philippines 75th 6th
Biometrics Philippines 69th 7th
Parking System Philippines Not in Top 500 1st


We were impressed with their work which is why we opted to have another stint for SEO, with our new keywords ranking proactively since then:

Keyword Rank at Starting Date Rank at Present Date
Door Access Systems Philippines 6th 4th
Visitor Management System Philippines 7th 6th
Hotel Locks System Philippines 16th 15th


Search Results speak and this is why we are grateful that we came across SEO. What you should know about SEO first and foremost is that it is not child’s play. So if you are reading this and you are thinking of integrating it to your business, then you should get a team that knows what they are doing.