Features of the Best Home Security Systems in the Philippines

Features of the Best Home Security Systems in the Philippines

Published on : June 6, 2019

What are the best features of a home security system?

  1. Cameras
  2. Motion Detectors
  3. Smart Doorbells
  4. Smart Locks


What are the features of the best home security systems in the Philippines? Your home security system should effectively protect you and your loved ones from outside threats. Technology is a gift that keeps on giving and you should take advantages of the latest and most advanced features that you can access for your home security.

Theft and loss of valuables is the first consideration when it comes to purchasing a security system. You want to keep your valuables secure inside your home. Having a home security system installed can scare away potential burglars when they see it. Allow yourself to invest in a home security system for your own peace of mind. Let’s get started on the features you need for your home security system.




To stay updated about what’s happening on your property, a security camera is an important investment. This adds an added layer of awareness. Full-color HD cameras can help you identify and monitor who steps within the vicinity of your property. You can also remotely access your footage from your phone or computer because new cameras can offer network connectivity. One of the features you should consider for your camera is in its ability to record low light footage. Most burglars are active at night and using a camera with high-resolution low light capabilities.

Different types of cameras can fit different environments. Outdoor cameras should be built to withstand the elements. It should be made from robust materials such as metal or strong plastics. Indoor cameras need to blend inside the interior so the materials can be light compared to outdoor cameras.


  • Battery-Powered Cameras

Setting up a battery powered camera is easy. Camera batteries are better now compared to before. They can last up to six months depending on the model. This camera can also double as a nanny cam for your children because of its portability.

  • 4G LTE Cameras

This type of camera uses mobile data for its connectivity. Using mobile data can save up on your local bandwidth.

  • PTZ Security Cameras

PTZ cameras are also known as speed dome cameras. This type of camera allows you to control the pan, tilt, zoom through the surveillance software. If you want full coverage this is the camera for you.

  • Bullet Security Cameras

This camera can be commonly found in commercial establishments and the outdoors. Bullet cameras don’t have the ability to pan so you may have to manually adjust it. The horizontal viewing angle can reach up to 80 degrees and 40 degrees vertically. The components and housing of this camera are usually good for harsh weather conditions.

  • Dome IP Cameras

Dome cameras have an advantage. It’s usually hard to spot where the actual camera is looking if it’s a dome type. This offers a panoramic and distorted view.


Motion Detectors

Another security measure you can deploy is motion detectors. This can detect intruders through movement without the use of security cameras. There are three kinds of motion detectors that you’ll encounter: Passive Infrared, Microwave, and Hybrid.


  • Passive Infrared

This kind of motion detector is small and discreet. It’s easy to use and fairly inexpensive. It senses movement by using temperature change between the movement and the background. PIR detectors use a Fresnel lens, which gives it a larger detection area.

  • Microwave

Microwave sensors utilize continuous waves of microwave radiation to detect motion. A high radio frequency is emitted and this is used to measure the reflection of an object by sensing an abnormality in the frequency shift. Once the shift is detected the alarm goes off. Compared to passive infrared detectors, this covers a wider area and is more expensive.

  • Hybrid

Hybrid motion detectors combine microwave and passive infrared technology. This combination reduces the number of false alarms you get.


Smart Doorbells

Smart Doorbells

Smart doorbells are internet-capable doorbells that are easy to install and can come with a wide range of features such as built-in cameras, speakers, and microphones. Many more consumers are leaning towards smart doorbells because it’s convenient. If you can’t reach your door at the moment, using a smart doorbell can grant you access to a live video feed of your door from anywhere.


Smart Locks

Another feature you can install in your home is a smart lock. Installing a smart lock makes entering and exiting your home fully automated. Smart locks keep a log of the lock activity, so you can be sure that the only people who’re accessing your home are the ones you authorized.


  • Keypad/Combination Locks

A smart lock that requires a pin code to unlock the door.

  • Keyless/Wireless Locks

Wireless locks use a Wi-Fi connection to remotely lock and unlock doors. Some newer models can also connect to your smart home hub for a fully optimized experience.

  • Biometric Locks

Biometric locks use your unique fingerprint to lock and unlock your door. The uniqueness of fingerprints is difficult to replicate and alter, making it a good security option.


Key Takeaway

Optimize the features of your security systems today. The Philippines should begin implementing futuristic technology for households to secure a much more optimized peace of mind.