Matrix V Systems: 6 Benefits of A Visitor Management System

Published on : August 10, 2021

What are the benefits of using a visitor management system?

  1. Implements Digital Efficiency
  2. Real-Time Monitoring
  3. Improves Visitor Experience
  4. Reduced Overhead Costs
  5. Allows System Mobility
  6. Provides System Customization

There are many benefits of using a visitor management system for your business. With these systems, you can prioritize meeting the needs of your clients, partners, remote workers, interns, and other guests in your building.

Choosing the right management system for your organization will set protocols for accommodating visitors. By doing so, your business can set a positive tone for their experience. Additionally, it can improve workplace productivity and safety.

Implements Digital Efficiency

Implements Digital Efficiency

Every day, your business will experience numerous changes in scheduled visits, meetings, deliveries, and more. Yet, these changed details can be overlooked and missed due to human error. Even the smallest detail can lead to your front desk having trouble accommodating visitors.

By implementing digital efficiency through utilizing a visitor management system, you can remove the manual processes of inputting data. The system speeds up workflows and reduces the amount of work needed for managing visitor information.

With Matrix V, you will also have a system built around compatibility with third-party software and operating systems. This allows for easy data sharing, as well as data automation between multiple information applications. By lessening redundant or inconsistent entries, your database’s reliability improves.

Real-Time Monitoring

With visitor management systems, you will be able to access real-time monitoring applications, improving the security of your building. These systems can send out alert messages for security breaches and unauthorized access to specific locations. With these timely updates, you can improve your response time to these security threats, and implement a prompt response to your employees or police.

Matrix V modules also add to these security measures with their powerful transaction logging and database features. With this, your business can collect and compile thousands of transactions from different points of interest within your building. Stored data can be used for auditing or for giving reports — all accessible on-demand with a simple click.

Improves Visitor Experience

Your visitors’ experience is vital to building your business reputation. It can influence their decision on visiting your organization again, and whether or not they will endorse your organization to potential clients.

When these people come into your building, the presence of a visitor management system will improve their overall experience. Technologically minded persons will be pleased with the digital transactions. The system will ensure that their scheduled meetings with your employees are conducted on time and with ease. In addition, digital capabilities can promote their sense of security and efficiency.

Reduced Overhead Costs

One of the most noticeable benefits of implementing such a management system into your processes is the reduced overhead costs. This is thanks to the enhanced efficiency and productivity of employees. As processing visitor information and other relevant scheduling take less time, your employees would be free to devote their time to more pressing matters.

Additionally, these reduced costs also come from eliminating pen and paper supplies used by traditional visitor management methods. For example, it used to be that guests had to manually log into the business’s books, and don a temporary name tag or badge while inside the premises.

With new digital means, all of this can be done online or logged onto the system, and your employees could use reusable and reprogrammable passes to let your guests access certain areas.

Thus, these systems improve productivity while also giving a huge return on investment by reducing recurring costs from manual methods.

Allows System Mobility

Allows System Mobility

Your visitor management system can also improve your business mobility and help to keep you connected even from a distance. While this is not a common feature for most other options in the market, ELID’s Matrix V Systems allow for extensive customization of your interface, and can also be accessed from several workstations.

Matrix V Systems provide numerous ways for you to import your floor plans and configure security systems, which helps ease the setting up of the software. Additionally, you can access this software from up to thirty-two different workstations, which are connected locally or remotely through the internet. Both of these features help to improve mobility and allow you to check in on the system even from another country.

If you’re worried about the wrong people using any of your multiple workstations to access your system, don’t be — you can also restrict what functions are accessible, what users can access these, and set up additional protection with user login and passwords.

Provides System Customization

In addition to mobility, the customization of your visitor management can also be improved by using ELID Matrix V. One feature of this system that provides customization is through Event-Driven Outputs. This allows you to define special behaviors in response to certain events in your building. These behaviors are triggered when a particular transaction type is detected by a reader.

For example, if a reader detects unauthorized access to a restricted zone, a special behavior that you can program is automatically locking doors to prohibit exit from the zone. This helps to trap the perpetrator and keep them from escaping while you call the police.

You can also set up Reaction Tables, which is a programming control that activates a set of actions when predetermined conditions occur. This feature is user-defined, and can be programmed for any purpose you can think of — the possibilities are nearly endless.

For example, you can program your lights and air-conditioning to turn on as well as have doors unlocked for guests before a scheduled event occurs. You can also have them automatically shut off and locked when all your guests and employees have exited the premises.

Key Takeaway

A visitor management system helps your business simplify the process of accommodating visitors while improving your organization’s security, visitor experience, and system capabilities. If you haven’t integrated a visitor management system yet, we highly recommend using a high-quality and customizable solution, such as the Matrix V system.

While this article was able to discuss the benefits of a visitor management system, it only highlighted some of ELID’s Matrix V System’s features. To learn more about this visitor management system and its possible uses for your business, click here and find out how ELID’s solutions can assist your business.