ThermoTrak 2: Body Temperature Detection Face Recognition Terminal

A daily face identification attendance and access control monitoring through forehead temperature detection even when wearing masks. The temperature detection distance is 0.5 meters.

Infrared Precise Temperature Detection

Precisely detect temperature, binocular seizing, and live face detection

High Capacity User and Logs

3000 faces and 1,000,000 logs

Access Control Function

Professional access control with Wiegand input and output

Attendance Function

Support USB Flash Driver Download for the excel files of detailed temperature detection record and attendance report

Communication Method

Standard TCP/IP, WiFi and USB

Temperature detection distance 0.5 meter
Temperature detection error 0.5°C
Temperature detection minimum unit 0.1°C
Case material Plastic shell, metal back plate
CPU Processor 4 Core 1.2G

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Temperature Detection

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