Multibox Motion Sensor

WIRELESS COMMUNICATION: it detects occupancy and has wireless communication with the energy saver.
STANDALONE: Battery operated.
INSTALLATION: Wall-mounted (surface or recess mounted)
SEVERAL SENSORS: Several sensors can be placed in the room.
HUMIDITY AND TEMPERATURE SENSOR: Temperature and humidity sensors embedded.

Description Multibox motion sensor
Reference SVMxlxS
Power 1 CR123A 3V battery
Standalone 3 years (average consumption 40 uA, max. 20mA)
Communications 2,4Ghz, IEEE 802.15.4 wireless
Communications Coverage 10 m (Max. distance to the energy saver)
Angle and Detection Distance Horizontal angle: 95º, vertical angle: 20º. Max. distance: 5m
Interface Blue LED
Operating Temperature -10º to 50º
Technology Infrared passive detector. Fresnel lense
Thermostat Precision +1ºC (-10º to 50 º)
Humidity Precision Humidity sensor embedded, precision 0 to 100% relative humidity 5%
Dimensions/Weight 80x80x16,5 mm (without accessory)/80x80x34,7mm (with accessory) / 75 grs.