Matrix V

Matrix V is the most comprehensive Total Integrated Solution System in its class. It combines all facets of Security Management with all human interface management applications on a single platform in a single software package. A total of 8000 access portals/ 16,000 readers with 128,000 inputs and 256,000 outputs can be monitored and control on a this singular platform.

  • 18 Modules ….and still expanding
  • Door Access Management
  • Intrusion Alarm Monitoring
  • Lift Access Control
  • Vehicle Access Control
  • Lobby/ Visitor Management
  • CCTV


With EGA you can enforce multi-level layers of security for high-security applications, by requiring outer layers to be first accessed and screened before being granted access to inner layers and vice versa. Apply up to 8 layers of security be it horizontally OR vertically or a combination of both over a group of controllers. This feature is executed on a peer-to-peer controller level and configurable via the software.By employing this method of security, a building of any design the user can be assured that the highest level of security enforcement is implemented without having to depend on Software connectivity and processing.



Even with high performance CPUs and server units, it pays to be protected to ensure Security & Operations Continuity. Matrix V provides the discerning Security Administrator with the option to fully protect their daily security & operational duties without interruption, applying a systems failover initiative by installing a failover mitigation system.

By using Matrix V’s System Failover your operating servers and backup servers do not need to be located in the same location for instant disaster recovery operation, as transactions and configurations are regularly updated over the LAN/WAN infrastructure for the Secondary system to take over.

Matrix V enables you to organize evacuation plan of a premise by calculating the number of persons logged into the building and providing intructions to those persons to evacuate the building via “mustering stations”, where evacuees may log their successful escape in the system. The system can be programmed to be intelligent enough to suggest evacuation routes that avoid “danger” areas that have triggered sensors within them as well as tally personnel who have mustered and who might be left behind in the premises.

Instantly receive a breakdown of the number of people in any area of the security system. Know details such as:

  • How many people are accounted for in Safe & Danger Areas.
  • Identify each person or groups of persons in that area.
  • Log how long each person has been in that area.

This information is also logged in the transaction database and can be retrieved for analysis at a later time.


Matrix V is developed as a modular system for you to “pick and choose” the functions that are suited for the requirements of your facility. With 13 modules to choose from ELID provides one of the largest number of modules available in the security industry to help you tailor-make your unique solution. With these options available to you, you only invest in things that matter to you. ELID also undertake special projects where customization to both your hardware and software is required for your facility’s special needs.


By integrating surveillance with Matrix V, customers can realize a true, event-driven system architecture whereby automated security is enabled by linking real, live security-related events. Event video can be monitored in several ways. For those organizations with sophisticated monitoring needs, REOVision surveillance software offers an array of algorithms and packaged solutions for everyday security challenges such as objects entering an area or object leaving an area.

Matrix V breaks away from conventional door access standards by providing the versatility to each user to have unique methods of accessing doors and clocking in to the Time and Attendance system

Individual Accessibility

Each user can assigned with an individual accessibility that is completely unique from any other user based on the Timers and Timezones available.

Mixed Mode Operation

Each Credential reading point is able to function in 2 separate modes; Door Access and Time Clock mode operating simultaneously. Each user can be assigned with an exclusive door accessibility which is different from the clock accessibility. With this feature, the user is able to Clock his attendance without being granted access to the door and vice versa.

This is to ensure that each user’s attendance is only taken as his pre-designated clocking point for a more precise and structured time attendance data collection.


Maintain total control and surveilance of all door access in your secure areas directly from any of the 32 connected client workstations. All door access activity is transmitted directly to your computer screen. You can also give specific commands to doors such as opening and closing them directly, sealing them off from further access, etc. Features include:

  • Anti-Passback Options – In order to prevent a single user card from being re-used to allow more than one person through a door access area, Anti-passback forces users who enter a secure area with a card to leave the area before the card may be used to enter that secure area again.
  • Matrix V System can grant access rights for each user login to restrict functions & data visibility.
  • Receive and respond to alarms promptly through highlighted pop-up dialog boxes. You may also enable, disable and otherwise give commands to any security device on your network.
  • Data partitioning feature allows users to view & control of their own jurisdiction, be it floor, section, department, branches or regions.

Network and Internet Capability

Manage your entire security system over a TCP/IP network or even remotely over the Internet through a Telnet client or HTML web browser. Connect together and simultaneously control multiple EL5000 Controllers and their controlled field devices, card readers, alarms, etc. by simply plugging them into your TCP/IP network. Matrix V supports direct control over all readers, field devices and input/output points compatible with Elid’s EL5000 Series Controller as well as system access from up to 32 client workstations connected locally or remotely through a TCP/IP network.

Operator Decision Support

Operator Decision Support is activated upon Matrix V detecting a pre-determined event on the security system, such as, forced door. It suggests courses of action to the guard, such as:

  • Summoning the police
  • Deploying guards at the alert location and along the intruder’s possible route(s).
  • Sealing off nearby doors and alerting/evacuating staff.

This function is meant to supplement the normal training provided to security personnel when responding to such situations by providing a checklist of critical actions that need to be taken.

Real Time Intrusion Alarm Monitoring

Receive alert messages regarding security breaches on your security system, such as unauthorized intrusions or device tampering, as well as a map of the immediate vicinity of the alert highlighting the location (s) of the occurrences directly on your computer screen in real time as they occur. This helps your response time and assists you in organizing and implementing a response such as contacting the police or deploying security personnel to the scene.

Every Matrix V module contains powerful transaction logging and database look-up features that can collect, sort, compile and store thousands of transactions from all modules daily for analysis.

For example, every card access attempt, and details including where, when and who’s card was used, is automatically stored in the security system databases. Stored data is maintained at a fully shared and integrated relational database system based on Microsoft SQL Server, that is compatible with any ODBC-compliant SQL or Oracle database engine. Reports can be generated on demand with a simple click of the mouse.

Design and customize your Security System to your own preferences

Customize your floor plan interface: Import images of your floor plans, configure and add animated security device icons according to their physical locations onto the layout.

Event Driven Output: Define special behaviour on your own security system in response to certaion events through the use of the Event Driven Output feature. This feature allows you to program a set of responses on the output points of your security system upon the occurrence of a particular transaction type detected by a reader.

For example, Upon detection of a break-in for a particular zone, a group of doors will be locked down prohibiting access or exit from the defined area, thus trapping the perpetrator within the afflicted zone.

Reaction Tables: You can also customize your own Reaction Tables, a special logic programming control that automatically performs a set of actions when certain conditions occur in specific periods throughout the day. Reaction Tables are very flexible and robust and can be programmed for any purpose one can think of. Any device attached to the system such as security doors or alarms and third party equipment connected to the Matrix V system, such as fire detectors, lights, air-conditioning, etc. can be used in Reaction Tables.


Matrix V possesses a scalable system architecture, in terms of both hardware and software. A single controller can control a maximum of up to 16 door readers, 192 input and 320 output points (with the appropriate number of I/O Modules, Reader Interface Units and Electronic Field Devices as required for a particular system configuration). More controllers may be added as needed – up to 1000 controllers per Matrix V system. New components, may be added as necessary to meet the expanding needs of a growing or changing organization.

Numerous optional software modules such as CCTV Interfacer or Guard & Patrol may be added to the standard functionally of Matrix V as needed to enhance the security solution requirements.

Matrix V software is fully compatible with all access reader systems, electronic field devices and input/output devices compatible with EL5000 Series Controllers. From Infrared Sensors and Motion Detectors to Proximity Card Readers and Biometric Scanners, Matrix V possesses the functionality to meet any security need.

See, Hear and Control from One or Many locations

Monitoring and manage your entire security system from any of up to 32 workstations across regions connected to the Matrix V Integrated Security Management System through a TCP/IP Local/Wide Area Network or remotely through the Internet (Web Matrix).

Set Matrix V system access rights for each workstation to restrict what functions are accessible by what users and protect those access rights those access rights with user login and passwords.

Receive and respond to alarms promptly through highlighted pop-up dialog boxes. You may also enable, disable and otherwise give commands to any security device on your network with just a few clicks of the mouse.

Record all activity in your security system, both routine (eg. Normal access to the IT department) and extraordinary (eg. Invalid entry, Device Failure, etc.). System activity and statistical reports can be automatically generated on demand.

Stable and Reliable Software Platform with Data Sharing

Matrix V is built around the powerful and reliable Microsoft Windows 2005 Server and Microsoft SQL & Oracle Server platform, which offers numerous advantages:

  • Used worldwide
  • Compatible with various third-party software/hardware and alternate operating systems
  • Facilities easy data sharing between applications on the same platform
  • Helps eliminate redundant data entry, inconsistent data on different databases and incompatible report formats.
  • Reliability & robustness of the database engine helps prevent corruption and data loss

Dealing with Emergencies

Customize your security system to respond to emergencies according to your exact specifications. Any relay controlled output device such as sirens, doors, lights, communication line, may be programmed to trigger automatically.

For example, should your security system sensors detect an emergency, it can automatically:

  • Set off audible alarms and alarm signals and inform all personnel.
  • Page or dial-up relevant authorities such as the fire brigade or police.
  • Initiate a lockdown sequence.

Sophisticated Card Management System

Matrix V also comes with a sophisticated card management system, which enables you to set up basic User Cards with User Details, Anti-Passback options, Card Expiry and Access Time Zones. All card access is logged, and cardholders can be traced down and located according to the last zone they accessed with their cards. Matrix V supports storage for a virtually unlimited number of card details on-server.

Supports special card functions

  • Dual ID Functionality provides the intelligence to the controller to tag multiple IDs to a single user. This enables customers to use 2 different reader technologies concurrently for different applications
  • Escort Cards Certain highly sensitive areas may ne equipped with an extra layer of protection through the use of dual-card doors. Such doors can only be accessed by a holder of a normal user card and another special Escort card, which, for example, may be held by a security officer posted at the door point or a trusted executive officer.
  • TemporaryCards These cards are meant for normal staff members who have somehow lost their normal user cards. These temporary cards are tagged with the staff member’s identity number in the security system so that his or her movements may still be monitored within secure areas. They have a short expiry date, usually a day.
  • Visitor Cards These cards are meant for visitors to a secure area. They have a short expiry date, usually a day, a few hours or even a one card that expires once the cardholder leaves the secure area. They are also restricted time in terms of the areas in which they may access. Visitor cards are used specifically with the Visitor Manager Module.
  • Guard Tour Guard Tour cards are used specifically with the Guard & Patrol Module previously described. It is essentially a User Card is recognized by the Guard & Patrol Module.

Interfacing with Third Party Systems

Matrix V can be customized for interfacing with virtually any 3rd party system via the built in Interlogix which enables third party systems such as fire control systems, office automation system, etc. making it highly scalable, and made to fit to the security policies of any organization.

  • Export data/transaction log files into text format for use with spreadsheets/crystal report software.
  • Communicate directly and interface with third party systems sharing the same protocol through the TCP/IP network.
  • Employ OPC Alarm & Event (A&E) Standards
  • Program your own interface using Matrix V APIs

Total Solutions Suite

Maintain total control and surveillance of all door access in your secure areas directly from any of the unlimited client workstations. All door access activity is transmitted directly to your computer screen. You can also give specific commands to doors such as opening and closing them directly, sealing them off from further access, etc.Features include:

  • Anti-Passback Options – Anti-Passback enforces users who enter a secure area with a card to leave the area before the card may be used to enter that secure area again.
  • Inhibit Access and Permanent Lock Release – Permanently lock and unlock particular doors instantly on demand in response to specific events such as escaping thief or a fire that demands immediate evacuation.

Special door configurations such as dual card mode, where in order to access a door, a higher level “escort” card is required, and interlock configuration, where one has to enter close one door before another door ahead will be unlocked.

The same keypad reader used for Door Access can be utilised as a Time Attendance & Reasoning Terminal. For every Late In, Early Out clockings, up to 20 reasoning code labels can be displayed on the keypad LCD and selected by Users. This enables Human Resources to enable users to seolf justify reasons for his or her tardiness.

Lift Access may be restricted according to the access rights of a partcular lift access cardholder to access particular floors. Unauthorized floor entry is restricted at the lift car level, as restricted floors buttons will be rendered inoprative. In addition, floor call overriding can be enabled to give lift usage priority to very important persons (VIP)such as Executive Officers, visiting dignitaries, etc.

REO Vision II is an ELID’s PC-based Network Video Recording System (NVR) that provides for comprehensive surveillance with real time monitoring functions – a seamless integrated solution of surveillance technology with Matrix V system.

Control access to a car park through the use of User ID Cards at the car park gantry areas. Matrix V User and Visitor Cards can be used to gain access to car park gantries. Anti-passback applies to vehicles as well – once a card has been used for entry. I t can only be used to exit. This is to prevent multiple vehicles from using the same card to enter the car park area.

Monitor vehicle traffic and directly control the gantry from the client workstation.

  • Log vehicle traffic according to Card ID, dates, entry and exit times, etc.
  • Give commands such as opening and closing the gantry for special occasions, such as to facilitate the entry of a convoy of delivery vehicles quickly.

Receive alert messages regarding security breaches on your security system, such as unauthorized intrusions or device tempering, as well as a map of the immedite vicinity of the alert highlighting the location (s) of the accurrences directly on your computer screen in real time as they accur. This helps you response time and assists you in organizing and implementing a response such as contacting the police or deploying security personnel to the scene.

The interlogix engine enables 3rd party systems to be integrated to Matrix V to become a total integrated knowledge solution by implementing any of the following methods;

  • OPC Alarm & Event (A&E) Standards
  • Matrix V APIs
  • Transaction text push & sharing via TCP/IP

Matrix V Enterprise supports centralised online monitoring of an established group of Matrix V sites. A system user will be able to log into any selected linked Matrix V database sites via an authorized login to centrally monitor online transaction, and this include selective alarms.

For convenience, it provides both basic card database manage ment and reporting which can also be saved in preferred format such as QuickReport format (.QRP), text format (.TXT), Excel format (.CSV), or HTML.

Manage a large volume of visitor traffic through your premise quickly, easily and accurately.

  • Create and assign visitor cards instantly on demand.
  • Keep track of visitor locations, areas visited, visitor population in a secure area, etc
  • Restrict Access to sensitive areas based on security areas, floors or even particular doors.
  • Analysis of visitor movement can identify popular routes and visitor destinations.
  • Touch screen self-service kiosk station for card issuance.

This is useful for passive tracing or monitoring purposes. It allows registered personnel(s) to receive alert messages in the form of an email whenever a pre-determined alarm/activities occurs within the boundary of the Matrix V system. It supports scheduled reporting whereby reportsettings can be pre-defined, and correspondingly sent to registered personnel(s) according to defined schedules.

Unlimited Matrix V users can be registered into the module with valid email addresese and they can be categorized individually or as group.

Allows brief messages to be left for particular cardholders as they access card reader points. The message is displayed on the accessed card reader’s LED/LCD display upon the recipient(s) swiping his/her card on the card reader. This system is similar to the Short Message Service (SMS) used with mobile phones and can be very useful alternative method for the proliferation of urgent short messages to one or a number of personnel within a large building quickly.

Web Matrix II allows authorized users to log on to the Matrix V systems via the internet. These users are able to access to the system, operating at basic level from anywhere in the world. The basic operations include alarm monitoring functions and generation of reports.

Users coming and going from work have their access times logged at the card reader entrances and exits of their work areas. This enables human resource personnel to notice personnel access behavior such as promptness, tardiness, early out, overtime, absenteeism, lengthy breaks, incomplete entries (i.e. an out entry but no in-entry, an in-entry but no out-entry), abnormal permissible movement (i.e. a person from Accounting and Finance in the R&D Department, etc.).

Guard Touring is an additional security feature involving the close monitoring of guard patrol movement through their assigned routes in security areas. During a Guard Tour, patrolling guards swipe their Guard Tour cards at specific card readers along their tour, which register on the security interface. Each Guard Tour has a strict schedule, with a list of periods during which the patrolling guard must swipe the Guard Tour card at a particular Tour card reader. If a guard is late at swiping, or misses swiping a card reader along the tour, it is automatically assumed that the guard may have run into some kind of troble and an alert will be activated, informing other security personnel.

Design and create your own unique caed layout. Cards may also be optionally created with a photo of it’s assigned cardholder printed onto the card. This photo can be acquired easily using a digital video camera linked to the ID Card Maker Badging System. ID cards provides the visual identification of personnel in your building.

Mobile Alert GSM enables the instant sending of selected events to registered personnel(s) via a GSM (Global System for Mobile communication) handset in the form of SMS (Short Message Service) within the Matrix V System’s boundary.

It also allows authorised personnel(s) to operate a limited number of Door Access Control and Alarm Monitoring Functions by using their mobile phones through SMS.

CCTV Remote Cameras may be logically linked to particular security devices, such as card readers. Should an alarm originate from that security device, footage from the linked camera can be fed directly to your computer screen through the Matrix V software to aid security personnel in assessing the situation. Also, event-triggered recording allows a video recorder to automatically record footage from CCTV cameras whenever a system event occurs.

Facility manager is used to maintain and manage rooms (meeting rooms, function halls), facilities (sports, recreational) and control the access these different areas for predefined groups of people in multi-room and area facilities. The administrator will be able to control, Access & duration for any of the facility is booked for. Facility manager helps the administrator or booking slips and have an overview of all events in the facility to prevent double booking and managng events throughout the facility.

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