iView Software

The iVIEW software allows hotel energy management by monitoring real time the room status of a facility with energy savers through the gateways connected to the desktop PC's Ethernet network, which receives the data wirelessly from the energy savers.


  • Free or occupied room: by a guest or employee.
  • If the room has been made-up for the new guest.
  • Average time per employee per room.
  • Employee management: know if DND or MUR has been selected.
  • Minibar status: if it has been opened or not, just once.
  • Room temperature, if there is a motion sensor.
  • Maintenance: low battery indication.
  • Reports if the failure has been fixed.

Below are shown some of the iVIEW screenshots depending on the room status, click on it to enlarge:

1. Room occupied by the client


2. Room occupied by the employee


3. Room is free