iLock Gateway

COMMUNICATION HUB: It works as a link between the wireless locks and iVIEW software for lockers.
MAX.ELEMENTS: It manages up to 175 locker locks.
HIGH DISTANCE COVERAGE: It covers an area extension of 40-50 metres.
OUTDOORS: It is suitable for outdoors / indoors.
KEYBOARD: It has a keyboard for basic parameter configuration.

Description Gateway for iLOCK
Reference PLCxK3P4
Power Universal (85-264VAC)
Input 4 opto- isolated inputs for potential free relays or external direct tension inputs of 5vdc-24vdc
Output 5vdc
LED Color Solid red when turning on and multicolor led for different functions
Memory EEPROM external storage memory of 256 kbytes
Display LCD, alphanumeric of 16 characters x 2 lines
Keyboard 4 key matrix attached to the box.
Interface RS232, MODBEE (IEEE 802.15.4), Ethernet
Calendar Clock Real time, 24 h autonomy in case of electric power cuts.
Joystick At the PCB for option configurations
Dimensions/Weight 208 (Height)x 158 (Width) X 83,5(Depth) mm / 660 grs