FirstLane 960

The FirstLane 960 double swing door security entrance lane offers a high bidirectional throughput and uncompromising security. With its elegant design, the FirstLane 960 is designed to integrate perfectly into any architectural style. Equipped with high processing capacity and an exclusive detection system, the FirstLane 960 guarantees accurate user tracking and prevents any unauthorized use. The FirstLane 960 is a modular product that can be installed as a single or a multi-lane array and can also be combined with the FirstLane 970 wide lane model.



Electrical Supply Single phase 110 VAC (3A) – 240 VAC (5A) (+/-10%) – 50/60 Hz + Ground
Power Consumption Standby: 20 W

Cycle: 35 W

Maximum: 80 W

Motors (x2) 24 VDC – nominal output power 86 W
Passageway (L)

600 mm

Min opening or closing time 0,7 s
(Depending on passageway)
Operating Temperature 0 à +50°C
Humidity in operation < 95%, no condensation
MCBF 2,000,000 mean cycles between failures, with recommended maintenance.
Sound level 55 dB to 1m distance

104 kg (Right cabinet)

122 kg (Intermediate cabinet)

103 kg (Left cabinet)

IP 40
CE Conforms to European standards


  1. Sturdy and stable steel frame with RoHS anti-corrosion zinc plating treatment. Visible parts of the frame are in brushed #4 AISI 304L stainless steel

  2. Brushed #4 AISI 304L stainless steel housing and panels fastened to the frame for access to the internal components.

  3. Clear, 10 mm thick tempered monolithic glass obstacles, swinging in the direction of user passage. Clear, 8 mm thick tempered monolithic glass side panel.

  4. Electromechanical drive units each consisting of: – A brushless DC permanent magnet motor with rugged, flat gearbox.  -A controller providing progressive accelerations and decelerations of the obstacle, for smooth movement and enhanced user safety.

  5. Logic control board, equipped with ARM CORTEX A8 technology and the Linux operating system, ensuring advanced traffic management. An embedded Web server, accessible by a simple web browser, offering an interface for the configuration of functional gate parameters as well as a complete diagnostic and maintenance tool. The maintenance interface is common to several Automatic Systems product easing the maintenance of the products.

  6. Transfer of information from XML-RPC protocol through an Ethernet interface. The FirstLane can be managed by the Smart&Slim operator console.

  7. Transfer of information by dry contacts: passage authorization, passage information, fraud, equipment failure.

  8. Function pictograms indicating gate and passage status to the user.

  9. Proprietary DIRAS detection system, consisting of a high-density matrix of infrared transmitter/ receiver photocells beams. It follows users progression through the gate as well as ensuring their safety during opening/closing of the obstacles. Novel detection algorithms guarantee top-of-class performances for detection of tail gating, close tail gating and crossing frauds.

  1. Easy integration of contactless readers under the extension end caps.




• Minimal footprint
• Black powder coated cabinet• 3/8’’ (10 mm) Glass mobile obstacles
• Custom colors available

• UL2593 listed to ensure maximum user safety
• Electronic user protection
• In the event of power outage, the mobile obstacles will open toward the exit direction and remain open until power is restored
• EGRESS operating mode meets the highest fire safety standards

• Fast opening / closing of swinging mobile obstacles (≤ 1 second)
• Precise pictograms for intuitive use
• Bidirectional passage

• Low cost of ownership, minimal maintenance required
• 2 year warranty

• Proprietary DIRAS detection systems providing a high density matrix of infrared beams
• Electromagnetic brake to withstand forced entry attempts
• IP Communications allowing real-time monitoring