Multibox RFID Mifare Detector

ENERGY SAVING: Switch off the energy when the guest leaves the room, avoiding the air conditioning, lighting to be left on.
INTELLIGENT: It only works with a valid card for each installation.
COMFORT: Temporized courtesy time and the possibility to control access to the minibar, phone, water, etc…
MULTIAPPLICATION: It uses the same credential use for the room opening (RFID Mifare).
NO CONNECTIVITY: not compatible with sensors nor iVIEW software.

Description ISWITCH MULTIBOX-standalone
energy save
Reference Recessed energy saver – DEMTxADA0S
Surface accessory – CJACCMULTIBOXV0-1x
Consumption 30 mA nominal. Max. 50 mA (230 Vac).
Output Relay 2 relay:
One according to net voltage and the other one free voltage.
Cutting power: 12 A, 230 V~, cos φ = 1
8 A, 230 V~, cos φ = 0,6
Max. incandescence load 10 A.
Max. halogen load10 A.
Frequency 50-60 Hz
Pilots 2 colors ( Red or green).
Temperature Range 0º – 50º
Housing ABS fireproof material (according to norm UL 94 V-0)