Door-Window Sensor




Description Surface door-window sensor
Reference SPVxlxS
Power 3V CR2032 lithium battery
Standalone 2 years (10uA average consumption, max. 20mA)
Communications 2.4GHz, IEEE 802. 15. 4 wireless
Communications Coverage 10m (distance to the energy saver)
Interface Red LED
Operating Temperature -10° to 50°
Technology Magnetoresistive sensor + magnet
Distance Sensor Magnet 0.8 cm max. separation. A slightly separation is recommended
Dimesions Sensor (44mm x 27mm) and magent (18.5mm x 13.5mmm)
Weight 14g





  • Wireless Communication: It detects the door/window status and sends the nformation to the energy saver

  • Standalone: Battery operated

  • Easy to install

  • Assembly: It can be installed either inside the door or window (non metallic recommended)