Speed Gate Turnstile (CQL620SB)

The speed gate turnstile is with a high-quality DC brushless servo motor is configured and the advanced servo control system is carried to truly achieve precise control, stable performance with no maintenance.

The lossless mechanism structure is based on German technology adopted to ensure a long lifespan. The matrix-type photoelectric stereoscopic detection technology is adopted to sensitively detect the behaviors that threaten the passageway safety, such as illegal intrusion, reverse passing, tail-gating, and give out alarms through sound, light, etc. The turnstile can be combined with other security systems.

CQL620SB optical turnstile speed gate slim body and transparent swing barrier can make pedestrian traffic more pleasant and better traffic experience.



Material  304 stainless steel

Power input


Drive unit

24V DC brushless motor with full height mechanism

IR sensor

8 pairs

Working temperature


Working humidity

<95% no condensation

 Lane Width


Traffic speed

50 pedestrian /min

Unlock signal

Support any third-party access controller

Communicate port


Traffic direction

One way, bi-direction adjustable


Security Features

  • Automatically open while power failure

  • Automatically close while time out

  • IR detect and intelligent alarm


  • Chassis: size, shape, third-party terminal embedded design.

  • Unlock control unit: Access controller, ticketing controller.

  • Verification module: ID/IC/NFC, QR CODE(BARCODE) scanner, facial.

  • Other: Card collector, display counter.