CET Electronic Lock for Lockers

BLE Technology options


Description Electronic lock for lockers with RFID at 13.56MHz
Reference Right handed: CETRxM1xxCD

Left handed: CETRxM1xxCI

Power 4 batteries LR6 1.5V (AA alkaline batteries)
Battery Life 80,000 cycles/4 years
RFID Frequency 13.56MHz
Reading Distance 10 – 20mm
Interface Red LED
Operating Temperature -20° to 70°
Dimensions 116 mm (H) x 116 mm (W) x 35mm (D)
Weight 320g




  • CONTACTLESS: Opening and locking by approaching an authorized card
  • STANDALONE: Without cables, battery operated.
  • Free/Fix Assignment Modes
  • MASTERCARDS: Master cards can be generated for opening and locking any of the lockers.
  • Multiple Opening and Automatic opening
  • Audit Trail by using a card