Time & Attendance System

Time & Attendance System

Integrated Security Software

Matrix V

  • 18 Modules ….and still expanding
  • Door Access Management
  • Intrusion Alarm Monitoring
  • Lift Access Control
  • Vehicle Access Control
  • Lobby/ Visitor Management
  • CCTV

CheK HRMS Modules


  • Easily access, analyze, and report on details associated with human resources.
  • Make good use of data by making it accessible to the right people through a central system.

TimeCheK Time Management System

  • Automate time and attendance for easier management.
  • More secure and help reduce and even eliminate payroll fraud.
  • Capture employee attendance across multiple sites.
  • Flexibility for data capture through a variety of clocking options i.e Biometric,
  • Face Recognition and Proximity Cards.
  • Unlimited patterns for work shifts, breaks, attendance policies can be defined.
  • Fully integrated with the employee self-service portal (ESS)