Patrol II LCD Portable Reader

    PATROL II LCD is a versatile portable proximity ID badge reader that may find application wherever it is necessary to confirm the employee’s presence at a  designated place and time.

    Principle of operation

    PATROL II LCD records the codes of checkpoints that have been read out and their readout date and time. The reader works with free of charge Patrol Master 3 software that allows reading the recorded events out and creating reports on work progress. In addition, the inspection round the schedule can be programmed in the reader to inform the user where and at what time the next readout is to be done.


    A checkpoint may be any inexpensive and easily available proximity transponder of EM 125 kHz standard. Widely used are proximity points in the form of a card of the size of a credit card (ISO card), keyring, circle with a hole, and many others.

    Roger also offers special designs of checkpoints marked as PK-3 or PK-2, of which the first is designed to be assembled on a metal base. The checkpoint code is read out on a contactless basis by placing the reader at a distance of 5-10 cm. Lack of direct contact makes it possible to mount the checkpoint behind a non-metallic partition (pane, drywall, plaster, plank etc).