• Maple

    • Centralised Services

    Other than hardware failure, most system issues such as reconfiguration or database restoration can be handled remotely and instantly through ELID Cloud Services.

    • SSL & Proprietary Encryption 

    Data communication from web browsers to MAPLE is protected by industrial standard SSL (Secure Sockets Layer). For Mobile apps, a strong proprietary encryption scheme is deployed to safeguard the connection.

    • Real-Time Reporting

    Users can view real-time access reports via mobile app or web browser.

    • Event Alert Notification

    Users will receive real-time notification (Email, SMS or Smartphone alerts) on alarm or abnormal events occurring at their premises.

    • Time Attendance Integration

    Raw attendance data is derived from dor transactions. The transaction records are then processed to provide a range of useful reports such as Daily Attendance Details, Lateness Report, Overtime Report, etc. Multiple-shift time attendance software is optionally available.