IQ Range Tags

Omni-ID IQ labels are a core range of low-profile and printable on-metal RFID labels — great for tracking IT assets in datacentres and offices, including office computers and equipment such as furniture or small returnable transport items (RTIs).
With print, peel and stick flexibility in discrete or roll-to-roll labels, asset management becomes simple, cost-effective, and efficient. Complemented with global frequency, high-temperature capabilities, and balanced performance, IQ tags come in assorted sizes and read ranges — broadening application potential for customers seeking a solution for manufacturing, warehouses, hospitals, laboratories, and weaponry.


    With a thin profile and label presentation, EL-OMD-IQ350 labels are ideal for non-metal application such as:

    • IT, office, hospitals and laboratory asset tracking
    • Logistics involving metallic packaging
    • Intermodal logistics


    With its small size, premium materials, and thermal barcode compatibility, EL-OMD-IQ400P labels are ideally suited to IT and office asset management applications including attachments to:

    • Plastic facia’s on IT equipment
    • Office furniture
    • Monitors and IT accessories


    With innovative construction and thermal barcode printer compatibility, the EL-OMD-IQ600 label is ideal for applications such as:

    • Logistics involving metal produce
    • Pipe manufacturing and re-certification
    • IT, office & hospital assets tracking


    With its high performance dipole antenna, premium material, and thermal barcode compatibility, EL-OMD-IQ800P labels are ideally suited to manufacturing and logistics application including attachment to:

    • Plastic RTI’s and containers
    • Plastic Pallets
    • Non-metallic industrial assets