Fit Range Tags

Need an asset management solution that can withstand high temperatures yet fit into small or narrow spaces? We have a range that’s FiT for purpose.
FiT range of passive single-use RFID tags boasts the highest size to performance ratio in the industry. FiT tags are some of the smallest, lowest profile tags on the market — with the flexibility of on/off metal performance and an ability to embed at the point of manufacture while surviving cycling applications at temperatures of up to 235°C (455°F).
High-temperature tags are an ideal, cost-effective solution for consistency and reliability during the rigors of auto manufacturing, specifically through paint shops and processes.
Identify and track individual vehicles, tools or small items of equipment through a variety of manufacturing processes, from assembly to painting and welding or molding, and in a range of industries including healthcare or even covert surveillance.


    The Fit 210 is a low profile, small form factor RFID tag available in two versions. The NEW High Temperature version expands the capabilities of this small narrow tag to cycling applications with High Temperatures to 225°C. Both versions are ideal for integration within finishing processes, such as dipping, coating, heat shrinking and moulding in the harshest of environments.


    Building Intelligent Supply Chains

    With its low profile, durable design, EL-OMD-FIT210 tags are ideally suited to tool tracking and embedding applications including attachments to:

    • Hand tools including wrenches and ratchet tools
    • Paint processes win automotive
    • Integration within IT assets at point of manufacture
    • Healthcare-autoclaves and high temperatire sterilization



    With its regional performance, high temperature capability and very small form factor, the EL-OMD-FIT220 tags are ideally suited . to tracking small metal assets in applications such as:

    • Small hand tools
    • IT assets
    • Healthcare instruments


    With its extremely small form factor, EL-OMD-FIT200 tags are ideally suited to tracking small metal assets including attachment to:

    • Small hand tools including sockets
    • Metal IT assets including covert tagging
    • Medical devices