7 Things To Tick Off On Your Workplace Security Checklist

Published on : April 5, 2021

What are the things you need for your workplace security checklist?

  1. Trained security personnel
  2. Monitoring and surveillance of your workplace
  3. Updated intrusion alarm systems
  4. Visitor identification processes
  5. Restricted access within an organization
  6. Parking lot lighting and safety
  7. Precautions against disasters

Your workplace is a location where your staff helps you to generate more revenue for your business. It is a place where you keep assets—whether it’s office equipment, inventory, or hard cash—that can make your company grow. Depending on the nature of your business, it could also be a venue where outsiders can freely come in and out. That’s why to protect your office, you need this workplace security checklist. Keep on reading to learn more!

Trained Security Personnel

While all your employees should be trained about the security protocols for your office, it is beneficial if you also have designated security personnel who can handle issues whenever they occur. This includes preventing troublemakers from doing criminal acts, interviewing witnesses, and making police reports.

However, to do their job efficiently, you need to install an integrated security solution. Due to your personnel having limited visibility, they might not notice criminal activities in other areas of your workplace. But with this system in place, they can respond to emergencies in a short time frame.

Monitoring And Surveillance Of Your Workplace

That’s why if you don’t have one, it might be the right time to install a security system in your workplace. Cameras should be placed in strategic locations around your building, including the following areas:

  • Gates that provide entry and access
  • Lobby and reception area
  • Corner location to monitor workspaces
  • Rooms where assets are kept
  • Pantry and other break-time areas
  • Counters where monetary transactions take place

In addition to CCTV Cameras, you need to have software that can help you detect criminal activities more efficiently.

Updated Intrusion Alarm Systems

Potential criminals will wait for opportunities to make their move. Whether it’s the closing time where there are fewer people around or when security personnel turns their back—trouble makers will look for loopholes in your building’s security.

But with an intrusion alarm system, the software will notify you or your security personnel when criminal activity is happening in real-time. This could be a forced entry on a restricted door, people breaking your windows, or movement inside your building when your office is closed. In some cases, you can even automatically lock doors in the area, preventing them from escaping.

Visitor Identification Processes

Aside from trespassing your building, troublemakers could also enter your premises from the main entrance. This is where visitor identification becomes a key part of your security checklist. By asking for personal information and verified purpose of visit, you can limit the outsiders who are looking for opportunities to do criminal acts.

While you can do this manually, it would be harder for you to track the visiting record of a guest. You would also have a hard time retrieving information from piles of documents because information could get lost easily. But with a digital visitor management system, you can even track the areas they visited in your building.

Restricted Access Within An Organization

Restricted Access Within An Organization

When integrated with access control systems, you could also restrict the areas your guests can enter in your building. For example, you can install readers on doors or lifts so outsiders won’t wander in important floors and rooms. But aside from this, you can also use it to limit the offices which your employees can freely enter.

With a digital access control system, you won’t be stressed out when your staff’s keys get lost. After all, a professional thief might have stolen it from their pockets to enter restricted rooms. All you need is to remove key card access from the software and issue a temporary card to your employee.

Parking Lot Lighting And Safety

Aside from your building, countless business owners neglect the security of their parking spaces. Whether it’s the maintenance of lighting fixtures or security officers patrolling the area, this aspect is forgotten because most assets are found inside the office. But criminals can hide in dark areas of your parking lot and vandalize company vehicles which can add downtime to your business.

That’s why you should also consider adding CCTV cameras which are connected to the main security system of your office. If you have company cars or delivery trucks coming in and out of your property, an automatic number plate recognition system is also beneficial. After all, it would prevent outsiders from coming into your building because only recorded plate numbers will be allowed access.

Precautions Against Disasters

Other than parking lot safety, most business owners also skip on security protocols when it comes to both manmade and natural disasters. This includes fire, earthquake, flooding, and more. Part of the checklist should be the maintenance of emergency exit signs, fire alarms, fire extinguishers, storage cabinet anchorage, and pathways.

Fortunately, you can also customize integrated security systems such as Matrix V to work with fire detectors and other third-party devices. It will also help you form an evacuation plan by suggesting routes that are safe to go through. If you’re outside, you can also instantly receive the number of people left inside your building.

Key Takeaway

A workplace security checklist will help you respond to security emergencies, whether they’re natural or man-made, in a short time. Aside from that, the presence of an integrated security system will also deter criminals either by giving an impression of a highly-secured office or by preventing access to restricted areas.

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