Where You Can Use Smart Gates

Where You Can Use Smart Gates

Published on : March 14, 2024

Where can we use smart gates?

  1. Businesses and offices
  2. Public transportation
  3. Schools and colleges
  4. Government offices
  5. Residential areas or homes


  • Competitive businesses prioritize smart gates to help secure their projects and innovative ideas.
  • Public transportation can be more convenient with smart gates that feature automated payments.
  • Schools and colleges benefit from the flexibility in security brought by smart gates, ensuring that students from other campuses can be accommodated.
  • Government offices with high-profile individuals can heighten their security through smart gates.
  • Residences install smart gates to align with the smart home convenience.

Smart gates are devices that can help small to large businesses across the country, as well as a wider range of locations in the Philippines. They are a versatile system that ultimately enhance security and streamline operations in public transportation places, schools and colleges, government offices, and residential homes.

In this article, we look into different settings where you can use smart gates. Read on to learn more.

Businesses and Offices

Businesses are often places where you can use smart gates. They are most likely the first ones where these gates flourished as part of their operations. That’s why companies often take pride in innovative ideas and projects that can strengthen their names in the industry—and one of those is securing their offices properly.

Stronger and more elaborate security is the main advantage of using this technology in the office. It is an effective solution for tracking their employees and visitors on the premises and making detailed reports on their movement.

For companies that depend on the reliability of their staff and employees, this system fosters accountability and integrity as part of the company culture.

Public Transportation

Public transportation

These gates come in different types and are often seen in demanding public transportation areas. Various LRT and MRT stations usually utilize the turnstile system, which is a type of smart gate.

It helps heighten security in these highly populated locations by ensuring the right credentials in passenger cards. They are also equipped with real-time passenger tracking, which can be used to aid in emergency responses during crowded travel times. Besides this, it makes payment procedures easier through automated fare collection, especially for those passengers who are always in a rush.

In airports, smart gates are now the ideal technology to enhance traveling procedures. They are essential for passport control, acting as a self-service border control system. That’s why passengers with biometric passports can go through biometric gates, making their travel experience more convenient.

Schools and Colleges

Schools and colleges invest in smart gates to increase security on their campuses. With many students coming in and out of class, this ensures that only authorized people have access to spaces or colleges that only cater to a certain type of degree or program.

The most popular type of smart gate in this setting is the card reader system where students, professors, and staff can enter and exit by tapping their ID card on the gate.

For campus-wide facilities such as libraries, sports gyms, and beyond, these gates are made flexible to track different students from various home colleges and even outside researchers and educators. This flexibility is essential since schools are fundamentally open learning spaces where different but insightful discussions are encouraged.

Government Offices

Government offices

Government offices are prone to high-density crowds that are usually looking to get their legal and credible personal information. Fortunately, smart gate systems are often established to aid this traffic management. This can be through an independent and streamlined entryway that can help office staff manage and operate more efficiently.

For offices such as city halls and congress halls, this system is important to their security. Since these spaces are where high-ranking and important people work and gather, smart gates strengthen their safety through biometric identification or card-reading protocols.

Residential Areas or Homes

The rise of integrating technology into our lifestyles is inclined to our fascination with smart homes. These are houses with automatically controlled appliances or devices, which are usually integrated into an app to control lights, television, window screens or curtains, door locks, and more.

Smart gates are another technology that increases the convenience of entering and exiting your home. With this, there is no need to get in and out of your car when you arrive or leave your property. While video intercom smart gates are ideal for residences that can verify guests by the gate, the remote control and mobile app-controlled gates are usually seen in smart home properties.

Key Takeaway

Security is an important factor in our everyday lives. Fortunately, smart gates are all-around devices that have many things to offer to different sectors. They are innovative technologies that heighten our security practices both professionally, making procedures more convenient and accessible, and adapting to our dynamic lifestyles.

At ELID, we provide a variety of smart gates that can accommodate intimate locations such as homes or public spaces such as government offices. We are a trusted smart gates provider committed to your safety and security. Contact us today and look for the right security solutions and systems for you!