Ways Door Access Systems Improve Operations

Ways Door Access Systems Improve Operations

Published on : January 16, 2024

How do door access systems improve operations?

  1. Provides remote access control
  2. Reduces operational expenses
  3. Ensures a safe environment for employees
  4. Activates an intrusion alert system
  5. Exercises operation flexibility


  • The integration with other security measures, such as video surveillance and alarms, creates a comprehensive security infrastructure.
  • ELID Technology Int’l., Inc. is an experienced manufacturer of security access control that provides cutting-edge products that excel with emerging technology.
  • The landscape of security and operational management for businesses has been transformed by door access systems equipped with remote control capabilities.


Technology has made a major shift in the Philippines. It becomes the fuel for growth, innovation, and adaptability. The rapid change in the markets requires ongoing research and advancements in technology to meet the needs of businesses, industries, and employees.

With this, the need to heighten security while ensuring a convenient operation has also revolutionized. Door access systems have made access to be meticulously controlled, permitting only authorized persons to access a certain area.

Customized access ensures that all areas are protected from security issues and maintains confidentiality and data integrity. Here are some ways door access systems improve operations to adapt to modern needs.

Provides Remote Access Control

Door access systems with remote control capabilities have changed how businesses manage their security and operations. In today’s flexible work setting, the ability to control and watch access from a distance is a game changer—allowing the business to adapt quickly to changes.

Mobile access control can enable administrators to manage and adjust access permissions from a centralized location. This is particularly beneficial for businesses with multiple locations or those employing a remote workforce.

Whether it’s granting temporary or modifying access for an employee or responding to security incidents promptly, the convenience of using the mobile control for the door access system enhances operational efficiency.

Reduces Operational Expenses

Reduces operational expenses

Switching to a more advanced option and swapping out old-fashioned keys can cut down on the costs tied to changing locks or providing new keys. This upgrade not only saves money but also strengthens security.

By using personal authentication methods like biometrics or PIN codes, the system can make sure that only authorized personnel can have access to a specific area. This control reduces the chances of unauthorized personnel accessing sensitive information or valuable assets, saving the business for future recovery expenses.

Our E. Win Software offers a variety of features that monitor trail actions and provide real-time activity monitoring. Its mobile efficiency cuts down costs associated with physical presence and on-site management. With its visitor management features, you can always rely on the protection of your space and data. These features are vital in creating a secure environment, protecting assets, and ensuring the well-being of individuals within the protected space.

Ensures a Safe Environment for Employees

Research indicates how the workplace environment can affect an employee’s performance. Going beyond physical safety, a door access system actively contributes to a safer environment through the implementation of strict authentication protocols. These protocols offer employees assurance that only authorized individuals have access to the building.

This heightened level of security not only instills confidence in safety in the workforce but also plays a key role in promoting productivity by creating a work setting where employees feel protected and valued.

Activates an Intrusion Alert System

Activates an intrusion alert system

The intrusion alert system helps promptly notify the security personnel if there is an unauthorized access attempt or suspicious activities are detected. This immediate response is important in preventing any security breaches and other security threats.

At ELID, we offer Winpro2, a robust door access control system with advanced access features. Its seamless integration with CCTV systems allows administrators to keep track of real-time video feeds. It also monitors access points and provides visual verification of individuals attempting entry.

Exercises Operation Flexibility

With the rapid change in the economy, change in operation is inevitable. To aid with this challenge, door access systems allow flexibility when it comes to security.

Integration with other security systems like surveillance cameras, fire alarms, and even time and attendance systems make it possible to manage the workforce seamlessly. This makes it easier to modify security protocols, change access permissions in real time, and adapt to any changes in operations or emergencies.

This technology ensures that businesses can operate with agility and efficiency, contributing to overall operational excellence.

Key Takeaway

Door access systems go beyond traditional security methods. It creates a safer and more efficient operational environment. By incorporating this advanced technology into your business, you are not only strengthening the physical security but also enhancing the overall adaptability and resilience of your company.

If you are ready to step in to enhance your security, reach out to ELID today to schedule a personalized consultation. Experience the convenience and reliability of our state-of-the-art door access systems.